Huang Hsin Yuan (黃薪芫)

I like to contact new people and things, learn new technologies, have the courage to face challenges, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment in solving problems. I am also willing to share, communicate and cooperate with others, hoping to find a developmental job.

   New Taipei city, TW

  [email protected]

About me

I graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Chung Yuan Christian University. I'm expert in cloud computing, web application development, OOP design, communication modulation. I also apply for minoring in Business Management, and learn about financial management, marketing management, corporate Strategy etc. In the last year in University, I have a part-time job in a startup company, which is focus on AI solution. After graduation, I became a full-time  full-stack engineer until I performed military service (now completed military service).



  • C/C++(2 years)
  • Python(2 years)
  • Java(beginner)
  • JavaScript/Html/CSS(1 years)


  • back-end
    • Flask
    • Django
  • front-end
    • jquary
    • bootstrap
    • Ajax
    • Websocket


  • MySQL
  • SQLite


  • git
  • Docker
  • Openstack


  • Linux
  • Windows


  • Vs code
  • Postman
  • eclipse
  • CodeBlocks
  • wireshark
  • iptable
  • ssh, vnc, rdp

Work Experience

Full-stack engineer  •  豆沙科技股份有限公司

January 2020 - September 2020

  • Embedded Development
  • Build infrastructure
  • Build server
  • Web application  development

Handled project:

  • Online tutoring platform(under development)
    • Introduction: Help cram schools to build online teaching platform.
    • Responsible part: Build infrastructure and server, Integrated videoconferencing function, connect with Line-bot, web-chat function, front-end.
      • technology and tools  :  Linux(Ubuntu), Django, jitsi meet, docker, Line-bot, web-socket, jquary.
  • Order management system: 
    • Introduction :Help online sellers integrate orders from e-commerce platforms with SaaS(Software as a service) way.
    • Responsible part :Build server, Full stack development.
      • technology and tools : Linux(Ubuntu), Django, jquary, bootstrap.
  • Cram school security system:
    • Introduction : Using webcam to detect whether someone enters or exits the classroom during non-class hours.
    • Responsible part  :Build server, Back-end development, Video transmission, Mail notice.
      • technology and tools : Linux(Raspbian) , Flask .
  • Freezing tank liquid level detection:
    • Introduction :Use artificial intelligence to monitor if the refrigerant in the freezing tank is leaking.
    • Responsible part: Camera test, output and convert the calculation result into the required specification.
      • technology and tools  : GPIO, I2CSPI.


Bachelor's Degree of Electrical Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University

Transcript   GPA : 3.36

Graduated project : 

  • Web-based cloud application based on Openstack  
    • Introduction :  Using the open source cloud computing project “Openstack” to build the cloud platform we need. We use containerization technology “Docker” to deploy. In this cloud platform, you can create virtual machines to install various operating systems. In terms of providing connections, we use the open source clientless remote desktop project “Apache guacamole” and use “flask” framework to create a web interface that integrating Openstack and Apache guacamole. The users only need a web browser  to enjoy cloud services.
    • technology and tools : Openstack 、Docker、ansible、ssh、vnc、rdp、Flask、jquery、ajex、sqlite。

School project : 

  • Testing and simulation of QPSK system:
    • Introduction : Use FPGA (Zedboard) and antenna (AD9361) to implement QPSK modulation and demodulation. The software is using matlab Simulink. The purpose is to simulate and design communication IC.
    • technology and tools : Zedboard,AD9361,matlab(Simulink),QPSK, MRC(maximum ratio combining)
  • Text transmission by BPSK modulation:
    • Introduction : Use terminal as input and output interface, and use hackrf as antenna to implement BPSK modulation and demodulation with GNU radio. The project has simple chat function.
    • technology and tools :Hackrf, GNU Radio, BPSK.
  • Simple ASK demodulation:
    • Introduction :Use the analog IC to complete the demodulation of the ASK signal, and output by the LED.
    • technology and tools : band-pass filter, Comparators.
  • Light Concentrator:
    • Introduction :The project can be use on Solar panel base that track light sources. Using Nuvoton microprocessor development board and software, using four light sensitive resistors as sensors, stepper motors and servo motors as an output to control the elevation angle and direction, and combined with the Bluetooth module for remote operation, and can know the real-time light intensity.
    • technology and tools : Nuvoton NCU140, PWM, UART。
  • Raspberry Pi based automated attendance system using wireless fidelity:
    • Introduction : Use WIFI connection mechanism to detect the surrounding mobile phones and compare the files to complete roll call function. Using Raspberry Pi and wireless Network interface card as tools, combined open source project which have detection program, and use Python to compare file and complete the user interface.
    • technology and tools : Raspberry, Wireless network interface card, Tkinter.
  • Small clock:
    • Introduction : Use Verilog to achieve electronic watch functions on the FPGA board, Ex: alarm clock, stopwatch, etc.
    • technology and tools : Digilent Nexys 2, Xilinx ISE 14.7.


2016 - 2020

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