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Zhung Hao Hsueh

    I'm from National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University, studying at the Institute of Multimedia Engineering, interested in vision fields such as computer vision, graphic process, and VR/AR.

    Now I'm doing research in HCI, and my short-term goal is to research on AR and additional taking a image/vision related  course to enrich my graphics skills in the next semester. 

Student, Master Degree

Mail : [email protected]

Education Background

Tamkang University

Bachelor degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2015 ~ 2019

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Master Degree, Multimedia Engineering, 2020 ~ ?

Work/Activity Experience

Chang Gung University, Research assistant, Apr 2020 ~ Jul 2020

Assist professor to restart a previous project which is about hand gesture detection.

2021 OpenHCI, Technical Teaching Assistant, 19th ~ 22th, Aug 2021

Assist students in thinking about the feasibility of the solution, and assist them in actual output.


  • Python
  • C
  • C# (Unity)
  • Arduino
  • 3D print

Interesting/Researching Field

  • Image Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • AR (now researching)

Curse Score

  • Computer Programming 80
  • Linear algebra 90
  • Fundamentals fo multimedia 79
  • Computer Graphic 89
  • Computer Vision 78
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| Project

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Positive reservation

    To shield ones who has negative emotion in a picture, we have to find out each person's facial expression. Using python Dlib to get the facial landmark, and then define criterion represent some emotion according to these points. And draw different masks to each emotion.c

Wave Simulation

    To simulate water waves, we use OpenGL and Shader to calculate wave and environment effects. After that, using Frame Buffer Object to set the clip plane to achieve transparent water and Depth Buffer get white water splash.

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Collaborative Design

    Due to COID-19, remote co-work has become more significant. We want to make a small Unity building game with C#. Any user can participate in modifying the pattern directly. Most of all, with VR devices, this makes users participate in the 3D virtual world like create with their hands.

Independent Study : Fastest News

    To get what is the most popular topic currently. We use python to crawled PTT hot category articles, retrieved which parts of the information we wanted such as title, content, doing some easy string processing, and then packaged the results into JSON corresponding to each topic. 

    After that, use jieba to classify words to know what keywords are used most of the time.

    Ultimately, we show the hot keyword on Linebot. Users can choose or type what keyword they are interested in and will show some articles which appeared the keyword.

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OpenHCI : Eggy

    To assist people who have symptoms of procrastination and want to discard their things, we interviewed 6 people who thought they tend to procrastinate. Doing a set of design thinking, we sort out some points of view (POVs). Finally, we use Arduino and make a little bit of physical architecture as our ultimate product according to the user requirements from our interviews.

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