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Huai Sin,Huang (Sandy)

3 years local startup experience, well familiar with corporate's brand resource integration, growth marketing and media PR. Became brand marketing leader of  Taiwan Cheogajip during 2018 to 2020, achieved more 5 times growth of market share and revenue. Learned go-to-market strategy and digital marketing include Facebook, Google, SEO by myself.

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Work Experiences

Executive Assistant to CEO
885 repair platform_
Mega International Management Consulting Co., Ltd(2021.01~2021.08)

Planned various service platforms to solve pain points of  suppliers and customers, integrated resources and implemented operational policies.

Business Development:

  • Planned Independently the first repairing and matching platform in Taiwan, laid the foundation for the company's first step in transformation.
  • Developed more 300+ repaired stores through telephone marketing and offline visits
  • Looked for new items and diving into potential markets , including: financial lending, game entertainment, KOL  and other industries.
Operation Management:
  • Integrated four different industries at the same time and possessed abilities of  interdisciplinary organization and crisis handling.


Marketing&PR Leader
Taiwan Cheogajip_Always food restaurant Co., Ltd,
Fwusow related company (2018.11~2020.12)

Annual marketing strategy, public relations issues, etc., from ideation, planning, execution to analysis are all participant.

Growth Marketing:

  • Designed the market questionnaire, and commanded the fried chicken market segmentation and target audience to explore the profitable positioning of the brand. "See the following portfolio for details"
  • Planned Outbound, Inbound and event trends, continued to communicate as the leading brand, market share and revenue growth more than 5 times. "See the following portfolio for details"
  • Managed an annual budget of 5 million, made good use of sponsor resources and cooperated with PChome and Gomaji to increase revenue  more than 3 million in a month. "See the following portfolio for details"

Media PR:
  • Looked for opportunities of crossover, actively participate in business exchanges, expanded more than 400+ resources, and achieved revenue growth KPI many times. "See the following portfolio for details"
  • Held a two-day parent-child picnic was held with a budget of only 30,000, and it successfully attracted the attention of more than 1,000 people on the spot. Compared with the opening ceremony of other branches, the revenue increased by 20% on that day.
  • Put enterprise value into online game, total impression reached a million, and invited 30+ brand to be sponsors, saved nearly 500,000 in execution costs for the event.
  • Carried out topic packaging to bring about the trend of the Internet and public opinion. e.g.: <Which is the best Korean fried chicken in Taiwan> It is estimated that the turnover will grow by more than 30%.



Include marketing strategy, market questionnaire, and public relations events.


Recommendation Letter

Kenny Hung |CEO 

Cheogajip_Always food restaurant Co., Ltd, Fwusow related company



Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Bachelor, Applied Foreign Languages, (2014 ~ 2018)


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