As a self–motivated and self-managed person, I am not only passionate about learning new skills towards developing and problem solving, but also perseverant to face new challenge. Besides, I am open to feedbacks and exchange ideas and advance me to be a better one.

Front-End Developer
[email protected]



 JavaScript(ES6), TypeScript, jQuery 

React, Router, Redux, React Native

 AJAX, RESTful APIs, GraphQL


Module Bundler: Webpack 

 Linter: ESLint 

 Version Control: Git, GitHub, GitLab 

 Cloud Service: Firebase


Ideas Lab

Front-End Engineer 2022.04 - present

- Re-designed the user flow and wireframe.
- Refactored the web application with React instead of vanilla javascript.
- Implemented data visualization with D3.js.


Front-End Development Engineer 2020.11 - 2022.04

- Implemented the mobile app with React Native.
- Implemented the new portal for integrating existing systems.
- Optimized the management of asynchronous operations with React Query.
- Maintained the website with Next.js.


Software Engineer    2019.07 - 2020.06

- Website revamp for SEO with React Hooks and TypeScript.
- Implemented server-side rendering with Node.js.
- Implemented the internal system with React Hooks and Apollo Client to propel the company with data-driven approach.

AppWorks School 

Web Class Trainee    2019.01 – 2019.06

- Assignments included implementing an e-commerce platform including Facebook OAuth and credit card payment flow with plain JavaScript in 3 weeks and;- Implemented the assigned project "Stylish" with plain JavaScript in 3 weeks. 
- Designing a game called "Keydown" with React, Redux and Canvas Animation in 5 weeks.

MJIB (Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau)

Special Agent    2014.01 - 2019.01

Criminal investigation of corruption and economical crime

National Taiwan University

Research Assistant in Sociology Department    2011.09 – 2013.02


National Taiwan University

Completed credits toward Master in Sociology    2010.09 – 2012.06

National Taiwan Normal University

Bachelor of Graphic Arts Communication    2005.09 – 2010.06 

Established the basketball team of department and became the captain.


A music rhythm game which can play by keyboard or touch screen. Registered members can store their record to database and battle with other players.

1. A Single Page Application that manage data flow with React, Redux
2. Managed asynced data flow with Redux-Thunk
3. Implemented realtime game by canvas element without libraries 4. Local Storage for storing player's current score 
4. Local Storage for storing player's current score 
5. Firebase Service included Authentication, Cloud Firestore and Storage 
6. Built the main function with plain JavaScript to control game flow and visual effects
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An e-commerce website built with plain JavaScript.

1. CSS flex-box for RWD  
2. AJAX / RESTful APIs for fetching data from the server side  
3. Local Storage for Shopping Cart  
4. Integrated TapPay for Payment Solution  
5. Facebook Login
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