我的個人特質與過往經驗讓我具備優於其他面試者的條件。跨領域、快速適應力與抗壓性是我具備的個人特質,善於溝通對談讓我在人際網絡與人脈建立有不錯的成效,我把握每一次與產業界的人脈建立交流,並互相學習。另外,我善於 story-telling 的能力也讓我學會在商務開發中如何與企業客戶對談與交流。
再來,是我的過往經驗使得我在業務開發的環境下受過良好的訓練。本身對科技與商業環境充滿興趣的我,在過去一年多的時間加入了台灣微軟的 Surface 商務事業群,一年期間除了本業的產品講師(產品專家) 在 Pre Sales 獲得不少的開發經驗,也有 Post Sales 的產品教學與問題解決。除了能夠運用 Story-Telling 的方式讓客戶認識產品優勢及核心價值,更獲得行前調查,拜訪問答中精準拿捏客戶需求等等的市場洞察經驗。

Account Management,BD,PM
[email protected]


NEX Foundation, UX Project Lead, Jul 2021 ~ 現在

◼ Coordinating with 3 teams to edit weekly articles. Uplift 30% more organic traffic by adjusting content by A/B Tests.
◼ Co-work with a 50+ contributors’ global team to promote this social impact non-profit organization. Involved in 4 functions of
Media Lab, social media management, data empowerment and UX team to establish a steam-lined process of sites’
performance tracking.
◼ Nominated as the brand ambassador and contact person as the Media Lab brand, proactively engaging with external columnists
and managing the brand-contributor relationships.


Microsoft, Product Marketing Manager, May 2021 ~ 現在

◼ Responsible for Hardware product portfolios and GTM (Go-to-Market) planning to drive Surface leads in enterprise
commercial, public sector, and SMC markets.
◼ Create sustainable guidance and enablement for the internal core team to operate since FY22. Collaborate with Sales and CSMs
with product materials, strategic planning, and communication with business overview to create 40% more opportunities.
◼ Elaborating partner marketing channel with structuralized panel for program delivery, uplifted the awareness through the
channel with over 35% of new partners joined.


GoGet 你的職涯夥伴, Growth Team Senior Project Lead, Feb 2021 ~ 現在

◼ Introduced strategic marketing performance review framework to adjust posting performance efficiently.
◼ Manage multiple projects as owner to accelerate page exposure with consistent page growth.
◼ Developed User Research Project, lead a team of 6 by established white paper and internal sustain performance guideline.
◼ Create sustain marketing performance and guidance as project owner.


Microsoft, Sales, Marketing Assistant , Jul 2019 ~ Feb 2021

▪ Cross Functional Collaboration: B2B planning, product GTM, and market research, teamwork
with colleagues from different groups, and lead several projects.
▪ Project Management: In charge of Surface Hub 2s as a year-round project. Product regional
roadmap, pitched to various clients, e.g., TSMC, WPG Holdings Inc., FarGlory…etc. Use Excel
to manage project time frame and analyze
▪ Successful cases are accumulated over 200 sets of Surface Hub 2s throughout 2 quarters.

Workshop Speaker, Microsoft ODM
Dec 2020- Feb 2021 | Microsoft Taiwan
▪ Intel partnership with Microsoft hold sessions based on Windows 10, Microsoft Office, Minecraft,
Hour of Code…etc.
▪ Workshop for 240 Taiwanese K12 students with hands-on immersive experience.


Corpus International Education, Social Media Platform intern, Aug 2018 ~ Jun 2019

▪ Marketing content: Concentrate on accelerating 500 fans on social media platform. Each post
has average 50 likes.
▪ CTA content: Managed website content by routinely changing banners, picking hero product,
and translating content.



National Chung Hsing University, 理學士(BS), International Agribusiness & Accounting, 2017 ~ 2021

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