Kaggle Competitions Expert: https://www.kaggle.com/alanchen1115


NLP (自然語言處理): 

- Silver medal (solo): 

(Kaggle) The Learning Agency Lab - PII Data Detection: Develop automated techniques to detect and remove PII from educational data. 2024/04/24

- Silver medal (solo): 

(Kaggle) U.S. Patent Phrase to Phrase Matching: Help Identify Similar Phrases in U.S. Patents, 2022/06/21

Recommendation system (推薦系統):

- Silver medal (solo):

(Kaggle) OTTO – Multi-Objective Recommender System: Build a recommender system based on real-world e-commerce sessions, 2023/02/08

- Bronze medal (solo):

(Kaggle) H&M Personalized Fashion Recommendations: Provide product recommendations based on previous purchases, 2022/05/10

Feature engineering (特徵工程):

- Silver medal (solo):

(Kaggle) 1st and Future - Player Contact Detection: Detect Player Contacts from Sensor and Video Data, 2023/03/03

AIGC (生成式AI):

- Bronze medal (solo):

(Kaggle) Stable Diffusion - Image to Prompts: Deduce the prompts that generated our "highly detailed, sharp focus, illustration, 3d renders of majestic, epic" images, 2023/05/16

Object detection (目標檢測):

- 4th place  (solo):

(Aidea AI CUP) 肺腺癌病理切片影像之腫瘤氣道擴散偵測競賽 I:運用物體偵測作法於找尋STAS, 2022/06/02

- Bronze medal  (team):

(Kaggle) VinBigData Chest X-ray Abnormalities Detection: Automatically localize and classify thoracic abnormalities from chest radiographs, 2021/03/30

Classification (影像分類):

- Bronze medal (solo):

(Kaggle) Human Protein Atlas - Single Cell Classification: Find individual human cell differences in microscope images, 2021/05/12

- 5th place (team):

(Aidea AI CUP) Mango grade classification, 2020/12/29. https://reurl.cc/V3aWb5

Segmentation (影像分割):

- Bronze medal (team):

(Kaggle) Understanding Clouds from Satellite Images: Can you classify cloud structures from satellites? 2019/11/19 

GAN (影像生成):

- Bronze medal (solo):

(Kaggle) Generative Dog Images: Experiment with creating puppy pics, 2019/08/29


.10/2020- Ittraining data science lecturer

.08/2019- Data science lecturer for ITRI's AI vocational training class/ AI training lecturer for Taiwan water resources and agriculture research institute. 

.08/2001- 07/2019 Assistant professor/head to the department of cosmetic science and application, and department of environmental engineering, Lanyang Institute of Technology.

.01/2000- 07/2001 Vice CEO of the water resources management and policy research center, Tamkang University. 


.Ph.D.: School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University (12, 1999). Ph.D. Thesis: “Stochastic Characteristics of Hydrologic and Environmental Time Series”. 

.Master Degree: Graduate Institute of Water Resource and Environmental Engineering, Tamkang University (06, 1992). Master Thesis: “Studies on the Non-Gaussian and Non-Stationary Time Series”. 

.Bachelor Degree: Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University (06, 1990). 

      [email protected]

Data Scientist / AI Engineer


nlp rasa/ llama2/ recommender system/ object detection/ segmentation/ tensorflow/ pytorch/ machine learning