陳    柄   宏

Data Engineer

  Taipei City, Taiwan

Hold an AWS SAA license, continue to work on cloud platforms, and be good at using Python programming language to perform data science-related tasks and automation operations. I has participated in big data projects such as smart transportation and real estate forecasting. For future development, I expect to use existing skills In addition, I also expect a team that encourages learning and progress.


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[email protected]



Program writing, implementation of crawlers and data cleaning operations.


Ability to build and maintain a distributed storage system, complete the implementation of Replica and Sharding architecture, be familiar with the use of Mongo shell, and write server-side javascript.


Familiar with MySQL database usage, model design, SQL syntax optimization.


Familiar with PostgreSQL database usage, model design, SQL syntax optimization.


Familiar with Django API writing.


Proficiency in writing RESTful API using Flask.


Familiar with Pandas ETL operations and data visualization.


Familiar with using Git to manage code version control.


Hold AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate license.


2003 - 2007

Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Library and Information Science

2016 - 2017

BigData Analyst Class(AB106)

coding bootcamp(Institute for Information Industry)


Jan 2019 - Present

Backend Engineer

AnFu Solutions Inc.

Responsible for AWS cloud environment management and architecture, ETL data cleaning, and Python API development.

Project experience:

  1. House+:
    • Data cleaning process management, using Elastic Beanstalk in the AWS cloud environment to establish a data cleaning process pipeline.
    • Model training process management, using Elastic Beanstalk in the AWS cloud environment to establish a model training process pipeline.
    • Web crawler writing, writing web crawlers, collecting public information on the Internet, as supplementary data for model training.
  2. AWS cloud environment management and architecture:
    • Architect and optimize the AWS cloud environment, reconstruct VPC, reduce usage costs, and improve security.
    • Assist the company to obtain ISO 27001 information security international certification.
    • Use work experience and self-study to obtain AWS SAA Architect certification.
    • Invited to be the corporate speaker of the AWS Taipei Summit 2021.
  3. Government projects:
    • Taipei City Road Rate Website Development Project, responsible for overall website reconstruction and optimization.
    • New Taipei City automated valuation website development project, responsible for overall website development and maintenance.
    • Ministry of the Interior Periodic Housing Price Index Case, responsible for data ETL operations
    • Taipei city cadastral data research case, responsible for data ETL operations.
    • Tainan city cadastral data research case, responsible for data ETL operations.
    • New Taipei City cadastral data research case, responsible for data ETL operations.

Jul 2018 - Jan 2019

Data Engineer

InfiArk Inc.

Responsible for MongoDB massive data storage architecture and construction, AWS and Azure cloud platform management operations, backend API writing (Python Flask), and overall planning and architecture of the project system.

Project experience:

  1. The Taipei City Government’s transportation demonstration project :
    • Responsible for the construction of the data storage system of the forecasting system, and establish a fast response and stable system with MongoDB (Sharding) and MySQL (AWS).
  2. Car navigation system optimization case:
    • Data ETL operation (average 30 memos per month), a total of about 3Tib data volume per year, after the data is cleaned up, put it into the MongoDB cluster, implement 7 data partitions in the sharding way, to ensure that the data access response time can be 0.03 -Complete within 0.05 seconds.
    • Car speed real-time data prediction and timely data interface, design and complete the overall process of output prediction after the vehicle speed and real-time data interface (use the first 2 hours of data to predict, 15 minutes after the prediction, response time 1 minute)
    • Responsible for the establishment of all related services in Azure and AWS cloud. This project is built in Azure services.
    • Design and build a real-time data forecasting system for vehicle speed, and take the lead from the use of tools to platform architecture, the use of cloud service machine specifications, overall data growth estimation, forecasting process and resource evaluation.
  3. Medical disease prediction case:
    • Disease prediction API writing, users can input health check data through this API, and real-time query disease incidence rates online.
    • Use Nginx + Uwsgi to build API Server.

Jun 2017 - Nov 2017

Data Engineer

Blue Technology Inc.

Responsible for Python programming, MongoDB cluster database construction and maintenance, Spark computing cluster construction and development.
Project experience:
1. Concept verification of MongoDB and Spark big data analysis platform architecture

Jul 2007 - Dec 2016

Professional soldier


Served as a judicial police officer in the CGA, responsible for shore and sea patrols and investigations.


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