黃榮仁 / Ronald Huang

ADDRESS: 2F., No.16, Ln. 78, Xinxing Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.) , 

DATE OF BIRTH:1981.12.01 

MOBILE: 0933-354-580,           EMAIL: [email protected]

    Graduated from National Cheng Kung University–Master of Computer Science degree. Like to participate in various community activities, after class time like to play badminton with classmates, and met a lot of friends.

    Currently working at Latticework Inc. in Taiwan as a Senior software engineer who's in charge of application develop and maintain.

Educational Background

National Cheng Kung University

B.S. degree, Computer Science,2001.9~2005.6 

National Cheng Kung University 

M.S. degree, Computer Science,2005.9~2008.1 


March 2018 - Senior Engineer, Latticework

  • Casting project maintainer, support local display via HDMI, ChromeCast, DLNA
  • Familiar with gitlab to manage projects
  • Building packages with yocto project for pretesting and releasing.
  • FileSync with system services and maintain thumbnails information stored in mongoDB to provide corresponding APIs.

August 2011 - January 2018 - Senior Software Engineer, Asustor Inc.

In the past few years in Asustor, in addition to focus on product testing, but also joined the development of several applications on the NAS. In the development process, through the cooperation and discussion with colleagues and more efficient and quick to complete, but also added to these applications and protocols have a better understanding.

  • Enclosure Management (i2C, GPIO, EC) API develop and help HW team verify SR boards and debugging.
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) develop and maintain.
  • Product testing flow develop and implement at several factories side and help RMA team find out the root cause of the failure NAS. 
  • Experience on building linux system by using buildroot for x86 and ARM platforms. 
    • boot system from USB device by using bootloader grub for x86_64, and 
    • boot from SPI flash by using uboot for ARM arch.
  • Experience on UPNP protocol, study several mediacast-like projects, such as miniupnp, leapcast, and gmrender-resurrent.
  • Experience on Android app project, AiRemote
  • Experience on IOS app project, AiRemote
  • Asustor NAS App evelopement, asir, remote-center, media-cast.

July 2009 - June 2011 - Engineer, Unihan Corporation 

The two years are not long, but they have laid a good foundation and have given me the experience of planning projects from scratch, overcoming difficulties and solving problems. 

  • Product testing flow develop and implement for LCD. 
  • Analyze the back light characteristics Adjust the output color temperature.


Linux C/VB/python/Yocto Project/MongoDB

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