Ike Chang (張智捷)

Software Engineer

  Taipei, Taiwan

phone: +886958880052

mail: [email protected]

Focus on delivering software that is simple, correct, consistent and high-quality with the proper tech stack.

Interested in Improving people's lives better, saving them from time-wasting chores with technologies.



Tech Stack

   Node.js      React      React Native      Docker      GitLab       PostgreSQL      ReasonML    PHP     GCP     Elastic Search   Elixir  

Design Tools

   Adobe XD  

Skill Summary

- Profession in GCP/Linux/Nginx/PostgreSQL/Redis/Node/Express/React stack for 4+ years

- Profession in Linux/Nginx/MySQL/Memcache/PHP stack for about 2 years

- Familiar with Docker/K8s/GitLab/GitLab-CI within a micro services architecture

- Familiar with building a backend team from 3 to 10 members

- Enjoy Learning new stack which is inspired/future proofing like ReasonML, Elixir...etc


Basset — Food Delivery Aggregator

A Food Delivery Aggregator which aggregate/Search/Filter Ubereat and Foodpanda restaurant. Which make consumer make the right and efficient choices




ReasonML + React Native implemented hacker news client



Restful Google Form

A tool to help you implement restful google form



Transforming soap describe into typescript interface


Professional Experiences

Technical Co-Founder  •  Goonose

2020/03 - Present

Technical founding a food-tech company from scratch with engineering background.

- Collecting public food delivery platform data in Taiwan every day which involves 400,000+ rows per day
- Collecting real estate data in Taipei everyday
- Manage official and product sites
 - official: https://goonose.com
 - product: https://basset.goonose.com
- Developing a food delivery aggregator from backend to mobile: Basset
 - Using ReactNative, Node.js, Firebase function, PostgreSQL
- Operating/Growth Basset to get the first users
- Participate with real estate part to build a cloud kitchen solution

Software Engineer  •  WeMo Scooter

2016/11 - 2020/03

Worked as a software engineer in the early stage.
- Experienced with Node.js, PostgreSQL
- Experienced with third-party payment API
- Participate recruiting the first 10 backend/frontend engineers
- Maintain a self-hosted Gitlab, serving 50+ developers(including software and hardware teams)
- Maintain an MQTT server based on MOSCA, could handle 30k messages per second
- Cloud infrastructure migration from AWS to GCP, saving 60% cost, also cuts avg. latency from 50ms to 15ms
- Cloud infrastructure (mostly GCP) maintainer
- Migration legend business logic from VB(SOAP) to Nodejs(RESTful) on the fly through customize proxy
- Develop a payment gateway micro services, handle more than 10k transactions a day which involves around 30K USD.
- Develop a flexible discount credits system for marketing
- Develop new renting flow, prevent duplication using optimistic lock instead pessimistic lock, saving reserving time from 3s to 1s
- Develop a prototype of the reporting system using google spreadsheet, make operating smoothly with the customer service department
- Develop new pricing calculating system, more flexible for marketing strategy
- Develop a subscription feature for more customer's need
- Develop a dashboard/monitoring prototype backend
- Introduce Metabase as a BI tooling into Data department

Software Engineer  •  中佑資訊

2014/05 - 2016/07

Gambling system backend engineer

- Using PHP(fuelphp), MySQL, Memcached
- Maintaining core game module
- Developing/Extending new lottery games based on the core module
- Developing a whole new lottery game based on a real-time baccarat game which earning $100,000/day in first month

Artillery Gunner  •  ROC Army (Taiwan)

2011/11 - 2012/11

Compulsory military service, 2126T.

Be trained as a M109A2 gunner.


Feng Chia University


2008 - 2011

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