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陳庭玉  (Joyce Chen)

Love outdoor activities, creations, food making and watching movies, also love to try new things and taking on challenges. Having an outgoing, talkative and sharing personality and considering myself as an observant and adaptive type of person. I usually act as a filler within the team; I could fit in the absent role and be active when needed. When encountering an unfavourable situation, I learn to adapt, learn and overcome problems, I believe these are my most significant value.

Personal Info

Status: Unemployed

Date of birth: 1993 July 7 

Place: Taipei, Taiwan 

☎ Mobile: +886923372503 ✉ Email: [email protected]


新堡大學, 碩士學位, 媒體與公關, 2018 ~ 2020

私立輔仁大學 , 學士, 英國語文學系, 2014 ~ 2017

私立淡江大學 , 學士, 英國語文學系, 2011 ~ 2013

私立中道國際中小學 , 高中, 2008 ~ 2011


杍 手作烘焙, 品牌經營, Jun 2020

 工作內容 :

• 平面媒體設計、繪圖、美術編輯(如:Logo、包裝、廣告圖等) 

• 網站製作設置 - 產品研發 - 規劃品牌策略 

• 預算規劃成本預算控制、產品訂價 

• 企劃與操作品牌行銷專案,提升品牌獨特性

• 網路行銷企劃,關鍵字廣告、SEO等的執行 

• 社群、行銷文字撰寫 

• 負責網站與email文字優化,以加深品牌一致性

• 追蹤行銷成效,分析數據

U.U Beverage , 品牌店面專案設計, Jun 2018 ~ Sep 2018


 工作內容 :


  • 品牌定位及設計

  • 平面媒體設計、繪圖、編輯等工作(包含 Logo 設計、品牌人 物設計、店面壁畫繪製、祭典傳單設計、商品包裝設計、商 

     品 擺設及拍攝、廣告圖繪製等) 

  • 廠商、股東溝通協調 

  • 初期社群媒體經營

EKO Café, 品牌店面專案設計 , Sep 2017 ~ Jul 2018



• 平面媒體設計、繪圖、編輯等工作(包含 Logo 設計、店面空間設計及擺設、菜單設計、商品擺設及拍攝、廣告 圖及看板繪製等) 

• 場地監工 

• 店面成立相關事宜之溝通協調及定案

• 預算規劃與控制

板橋中山國小, 英文老師, Jun 2017 ~ Jun 2018


• 課程綱要設計與規劃及授課內容及組織教材之籌備

• 依學生不同需要及興趣,變化教學方法

• 觀察學生之表現與行為,及輔導學生在校行為

• 參加家長會說明課程規劃,學生進展及備詢

Tutor ABC , Demo Teacher, Jul 2012 ~ Jan 2013


• 語言教學,於補教業教導學員語言,評鑑其學習成果

• 設計及製作教材,並擬訂學生學習進度

• 評估學生能力及需求,以決定學習目標


家教, 英文家教

電商品牌, 歐洲精品代購 (Eugo )


➢ 專案統籌、規劃、執行

➢ 媒體分析

➢ 溝通協調

➢ 語言能力



• 英語 ★★★★☆ (Experienced)
• 台語 ★★★☆☆ (Skillful)
• 法語 ★★☆☆☆ (Beginner)

Microsoft Office 

• Word            ★★★★☆  (Experienced)

• PowerPoint ★★★★☆  (Experienced)

• Excel             ★★★★☆  (Experienced)

• Outlook        ★★★★☆ (Experienced)


Illustrator ★★★★☆  (Experienced)
Premiere  ★★★☆☆  (Skillful)


• 媒體分析
  ★★★★☆ (Experienced)
• 組織能力
• 問題解決


  ★★★★☆ (Experienced)


全民英檢: 初級、中級 

多益: 850 

雅思: 7.5 


左一: Eko cafe 室內空間設計圖

中:     UU Beverage 專案設計

右一: 杍 手作烘焙專案設計

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Newcastle University , MA, Media and Public Relations, 2018 ~ 2020

Fu Jen Catholic University , BA, English Literature , 2014 ~ 2017

Tamkang University , BA, English Literature , 2011~ 2013

Chung Dau International High School ,  Senior High School, 2008 ~ 2011

Work Experience

U.U Beverage ,  Branding - Store project design, Jun 2018 ~ Sep 2018

.U.U Beverage ( Brand initial image design, based in Japan Tokyo)
.Graphic designing ( poster, packaging, advertising, photography deco etc.)
.Material procurement
.Interior space planning and organizing

.Staff hiring and training  

Acquired experience: 

The latest case I had, provide an opportunity for me to get hold of the whole process of building up a brand. Besides doing the work of brand designing, I'm also responsible for social media set up and promotion, which includes analyzing target customer and conduct customer satisfaction survey. Making food as one of my interests, I was given the task to supervise the flavour of the products and the purchasing selection and process of the ingredients. Lastly, I was also asked to deliver concise guidance for the staff because of my former experience.

EKO Café,  Store project design, Sep 2017 ~ Jul 2018

.Graphic designing ( poster, packaging, advertising etc.)
.Interior material procurement
.Interior space planning and organizing
.Supervise on-site engineering ( including communication through ideas and carry out the design)

Acquired experience: 

One of the case I did with the opportunity to be in charge of the whole project. The whole process was challenging, starting from scrap and build up the entire idea from the design of the store to store graphic design and staff training. As a small start-up company, everything needed to be considered and done. Though I am not graduated from similar subjects, I am capable of delivering the task and learn along the way. This case helped me acquired a better experience in managing multi-task and elevate my communication skills.

Banqiao Zhong-shan Elementary School , English teacher, Jun 2017 ~ Jun 2018

.Design and organizing curriculum and teaching materials that meet the requirements of the school
.Altering teaching methods according to different students needs and interests.
.Observe the behaviour of the students and guide them.

Acquired experience: 

Working as an elementary school English teacher, my job is to elevate student's English abilities; there are more than 250 students, all with various personalities and learning level. Coming up with lessons that are fun and efficient for different classes to learn is quite challenging. I also open after-school tutoring for students who needed extra help. My job as an English teacher also includes giving speeches for the parents regularly, to inform them about the curriculum and learning objectives of their children.

Tutor ABC , Demo Teacher, Jul 2012 ~ Jan 2013

.Language teaching and evaluate student's learning outcome and English level
.Design and produce teaching material and learning progress for individuals

Acquired experience: 

The main job of working as a Demo teacher in Tutor ABC is to come up with teaching materials to teach and evaluate client's English level and recommend courses that meet their needs. Being the front line, we need to prepare ourselves to handle any kind of situation that occurs during the lesson.  

Other Experience

English Tutor
E-Commerce Brand, Purchasing Agent 

Studying in UK for 2 years allows me to travel around Europe. Therefore while traveling, I decided to work as a purchasing agent, which focus on buying luxury products. This experience allows me to gain knowledge in luxury industries and get hold of the market demand.


Language Skills 

• English  
  ★★★★☆ (Experienced)
• Taiwanese  
  ★★★☆☆ (Skillful)
• French       
  ★★☆☆☆ (Beginner)

Microsoft Office 

• Word             

   ★★★★☆  (Experienced)

• PowerPoint  

   ★★★★☆  (Experienced)

• Excel                  

   ★★★★☆  (Experienced)

• Outlook        

   ★★★★☆ (Experienced)


• Illustrator  
   ★★★★☆  (Experienced)
• Premiere   
   ★★★☆☆  (Skillful)

Other Skills 

• Media analysis  
  ★★★★☆ (Experienced)
• Good organizational skills 
• Problem Solving Skills 


GEPT 初級、中級

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