How to improve your writing online

    Writing is what many people are involved in every single day. Business reports, articles, statements, essays – people write these daily. And much depends on the quality of such papers. Even several mistakes can cost you a salary raise if you are an employer or an A+ if you are a student.

    Good writing is something you can’t inherit. It is rigid and methodical work that ultimately leads to fantastic results. Of course, for some, learning how to write may be manageable and pleasant. For others, however, it might turn into an entire ordeal. But no matter how challenging it can at times be, the benefits of good writing are impossible to overestimate. That is, suppose you are a student having good writing skills. In that case, you can provide any assistance, such as coding help, or help with any other subject. You can also start your blog or have a well-paid side job writing papers for others. Either way, the time you have invested in practicing your writing will be worth the effort. 

    Why don’t we skip the introduction about the outcomes and benefits and jump right to the objectives and means? Below you will find several recommendations on how to perfect your writing abilities.

Start using spell checkers

    Technology development has led to outstanding outcomes, and writing is no exception here. Gone are the days when writers had to rely on massive grammar books to make sure their writing was crystal clear. Well, better to say, the majority of writers. Certainly, there are still people who like doing it in an old-school way. The point is, you want to incorporate productivity and effectiveness when writing texts. And in this instance, there is nothing better than to use spell checkers. Spell-checking software programs appeared on the market years ago, but only recently have they become in the spotlight. 

    You might indeed be skeptical about such apps, questioning their accuracy. And that’s understandable. But believe it or not, when used thoughtfully and in moderation, such tools work wonders. Take Grammarly, for instance. Appeared in 2009, it took the company several years to prove useful. Since Grammarly has established credibility, it has become the most popular AI-based spell checker, approved by people who work at world-class corporations. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try if you haven’t already. Once you employ Grammarly, it will become your go-to app. 

Use the right word processor

    Many simple things often determine the quality of writing, like what word processor you use. Truth be told, Word is a thing of the past. Not only is it outdated, but it is also slow and too sophisticated, not to mention it is filled with features that people rarely use (of course, it doesn’t mean they are useless). If you pursue simplicity, try Google Docs. 

Google Docs is an excellent alternative that has plenty of benefits. First, it is an in-browser word processor, which stores all your documents on your Google Drive. It lets you access papers quickly and easily, let alone share them with just a few clicks. Google Docs is also straightforward and expeditious; you won’t see numerous features in it, just essential ones. And, as a cherry on a pie, you can reach your documents and continue to work on them offline. 

Give writing challenges a try

    Careful with this tip. If you are a student and have writing tasks, there is no need to put them in a drawer and proceed to online challenges. This tip is for those who seek variety and are not time-pressured. Although not the most convenient option, online writing challenges may jazz up your writing routine and help you feel the time working on the task, teaching you how to distribute it to finish the assignment successfully. 

Educate yourself

    Writing coexists with many activities, for example, reading. Without good reading abilities, learning the ropes of writing will be much more complicated. Take any prolific writer, and you will see that one thing they share is their passion for reading, but not that passion when you speed-read hundreds of pages having no clue what the book or article was about. You don’t necessarily have to read numerous sources. The primary goal is to learn how to read and contemplate. Even several pages a day, read and understood, will suffice. 

Experiment with styles and genres

    Diversity is essential in writing because sooner or later, you will compose papers for different purposes. And needless to say that writing a blog in an academic writing style isn’t a good idea. If you want to be a skillful writer, try using different writing styles and approaches relevant to the context, setting, and audience. For instance, writing a college paper requires a formal style, while a blog can be semi-formal or informal. 

Before delving into writing, do your research and analyze your readers. Use Thesaurus to furnish your writing and eliminate repetitions. You can also use the Corpus of Contemporary American English to see what words and expressions–and in what context–are overused or underused. This knowledge will all help you adapt your writing style and make the paper good-looking and impeccable.

In the long run, it is a practice that matters the most. If you practice your writing once in a while, you will barely observe the progress. In contrast, scheduled and efficient drills will result in refined and fast writing. And the mentioned tips will help you improve your writing skills promptly and effectively. 

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