Yi-Ting Cheng

My name is Yi-Ting Cheng, but usually everyone calls me Iris. I was born on April 16, 1999. I am currently studying at National Chengchi University with the Department of Turkish Language and Literature as a senior, with double minoring in Economics and English. I like brainstorming and sharing ideas with others. It's hard to see my energy burning out and I always have my own opinions on everything. In addition, I have a great desire to learn in uncharted territory and look forward to each challenge. 

Email:[email protected]



  • National Chengchi University with Department of Turkish Language and Literature
  • Double minor in Economics and English
  • Bachelor Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
  • English Teaching Program in College of Languages and Literature 


  • Video Editing software: Final Cut, Premiere
  • Graphics software: Illustrator
  • Language:English,Turkish,Vietnamese, Portuguese 

Working Experience

  • 2021.01-2021.02  English Teaching Assistant in Tongye Education Camp
  • 2020.07-2020.08  English Teaching Assistant in SEE Camp 
  • 2019.09-2020.01 English Teaching Assistant in Zengyouzhi After-class School
  • 2018-2021 English Tutor

Campus Activities

Health2Syn Marketing Intern 

Sep. 2021 - Mar.2022

  • Edited 3 health education stories 
  • Wrote 3 Facebook posts
  • Edited 10 videos with Final Cut
  • Made 12 Marketing Materials with AI
  • Developed and implemented the Podcast project "Chronic Disease, Slowly Talk" : It was observed that the marketing targets of Health2Sync were middle-aged and elderly people who were over 40 years old, so we wanted to use Podcast to open up the youth market. I used STP strategy to analyze the health-type Podcasts on the market, and was responsible for the whole project.

Club President - Coffee Club

Sep. 2021 - now

  • Planned semester schedule :In response to the epidemic, the school strictly controlled the way of class, so the coffee club adopted a new model for class. I formulated the online course SOP, and clearly planned the production process schedule of the course video and the follow-up publicity schedule of the club. The hit rate of the admissions publicity post reached 50, and 6 coffee teaching videos were successfully launched at the end of the semester.
  • Held aeropress competition

Knowhow.college Podcast Producer

July. 2021 - now

  • Proposed podcast topics
  • Wrote interview outline
  • Interviewed guests

Seed Talent Program - Group of Taiwan Cement Corporation 

Mar. 2020 - Jun. 2020

  • Formulated a local tourism plan : Based on the analysis of the tourists, it was found that the majority of visitors to TCC Daka Park were parents, children and the elderly. With parent-child as the main body, combined with the local characteristics of Heping Township, we formulated a local tourism plan. 
  • Shot 1 image video

Coordinator of Department Christmas ball

Sep. 2019 - Dec. 2019

  • Led a 50-people team : Since it was the first time for everyone to participate in a large event, we were not familiar with the preparation content, which resulted in each meeting taking a lot of time to discuss. In order to solve the problem of long meeting time, I suggested uploading the meeting schedule to the group in advance, so that everyone could know the key points of the meeting and prepare their own answers. Thus, it successfully reduced the meeting time by half. Efficient meetings also made our Christmas ball have a high quality performance. In the end, 150 people attended the ball, and our Facebook fan page promoted it to nearly 400.
  • Reimburse expenses
  • Photographed

Indian Volunteer Club

Dec. 2018 -Dec. 2019

  • Coordinated a 25-day India trip for 7 people 
  • Produced 3 English lesson plans : At first, I was worried that my lesson plans would be too difficult or not interesting enough, so I kept revising them. First of all, according to the Comparison table of Indian grade and English level provided by Indian schools to determine the English level of Indian children, and then I used the English vocabulary of the same level to write the lesson plan. After that, I collected a lot of information online and integrated the activities into the lessons. Eventually, my classes were rated as one of their favourite courses by students.
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