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IRISH CHEN   UI / UX Designer

I'm Irish, I work in the field of graphic design, web design, and UX/UI. I’ve always admired how thoughtful design has the power to change our world. Whether it’s through simplifying one interaction or giving users an opportunity to view things through a new lens, I love working on projects that make people happy. At any scale. I’ve found myself in language learning, visual design, and smart education in the past few years.



+886 988712997


Sketch, Figma, Zeplin, InVision, adobe Creative Suite


UI/UX, Web design, Product design,Graphic Design, Brand Identity,


Mandarin / English


Graphic Designer/Pangea

Oct 2016 -2017

Developed expertise in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign through multiple projects from initial requirements to conception to delivery. 

Graphic Designer/Direct Wines

2017- 2018

Worked with content editor to delivery designs for social media channels. Focused marketing assets including EDM, brochure, landing page, banner, flyer, and postcard to maximize social media exposure and effectiveness.

Visual Designer/Synthesis Lab Design

2018 - 2019

Gained in-depth understanding and execution of customer project requirements across multiple industries. Experience across various phases of project design including research, visual/graphic/UI/UX design, cross-functional cooperation, quality control, and delivery.

UI/UX Designer/Newline Interactive

2019 - 2021

Ultimate objective is providing our users the best user experience with our products. User experience is not merely providing beautiful graphic design. 

Working with team, find out customer’s needs, behavior and insight and what improvement we can do to our products. 

Analyze the marketing trend and major competitor products and do the comparison with our products for future improvement.. 

Create the prototype design based on those findings and evaluate them and have them evaluated. Analyze the result and reflect to further improvement. 

Based on the prototype, cooperate with engineering team and develop the products within the hardware limitation
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Classroom tools


Support class activities, stimulate engagement and help students get to work by using the intuitive tools.

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For a more comprehensive UX/UI design including upgrade conversion rate ,reducing the click times to reach the target ,highlighted the CTA, eye tracking study so on.This project is a quick example of re-designing a Website page based on my knowledge of visual design theory and user experience.


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