Iyad Fakhri

Mouhamed Iyad Fakhri studied medicine at Damascus University in Syria. He graduated in 1996 with a license to be a primary care physician. After coming to the United States, he received his ECFMG certificate to validate his foreign medical diploma and went on to do his residency at East Carolina University.


Work Experience

Physician Refresher Program at Drexel University

September 10, 2018 - November 30, 2018

Drexel University, College of Medicine

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Primary Care Physician (Solo Practitioner)

December 2003 - August 2013

Internal Medicine Clinic

620 College Street

Clinton, NC 28328

Primary Care Physician

September 1996 - December 1998

M. Barazi Medical Center

Ministery of Health

Damascus, Syria


Post-Licensure Assessment System (PLAS) Exams

November 2018

ABIM Examination

August 2003

Residency in Internal Medicine

June 2000 - June 2003

Brody School of Medicine

East Carolina University

Pitt County Memorial Hospital

Greenville, NC 27858

Computer Skills Courses

December 1998 - May 2000

Richland College

Dallas, TX

ECFMG Certificate

September 1999

3624 Market Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

Clinical Skills Assessment Test

July 1999

3624 Market Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

Degree of MD

August 1996

School of Medicine

University of Damascus, Syria


Kidney Diseases

Book published in 1996.


Anemia Approach

Presented on 09/21/2018 at Drexel University, College of Medicine

Philadelphia, PA


Presented on 11/16/2018 at Drexel University, College of Medicine

Philadelphia, PA

Lymphoproliferative Disease in Patients with Primary Sjogern's Syndrome

Presented in 07/2002 at the Rheumatology Conference, Physicians East in Greenville

Greenville, NC

Pituitary Apoplexy in a Patient With Negative CT Study

Presented in 02/2003 at the ACP Meeting in Durham

Durham, NC

Mouhamed Iyad Fakhri

Mouhamed Iyad Fakhri grew up in Syria. He was accepted into Damascus University where he studied medicine. He got his degree in 1996, along the way publishing a book on kidney diseases and participating in two different research studies.

The first study was done to determine the best preventive measures in children of elementary school age. The second was a study on patients presenting with chest pain to determine criteria for admitting them to rule out coronary artery disease. 

After graduation, he went to work as a primary care doctor for the Ministry of Health at the M. Barazi Medical Center. He would not stay long, however, moving to Dallas, Texas a couple years later. At Richland College he took computer skills courses before he was finally able to validate his Syrian medical degree for the United States.

He went into residency at East Carolina University and worked at the Pitt County Memorial Hospital. During this time, he was invited to give two different talks on medical topics. The first was on lymphoproliferative disease in patients with Primary Sjogren’s Syndrome at the Rheumatology Conference in Greenville, NC. The second was at the ACP Meeting in Durham, where he spoke on a pituitary apoplexy in a patient with a negative CT study.

His residency complete, he went to work as a primary care physician. A solo practitioner, he was granted admitting privileges at Lenoir Hospital in Kinston, NC and Sampson County Memorial Hospital in Clinton, NC. He soon developed a reputation as a caring, trustworthy physician who listens carefully to his patients.

Mouhamed has recently had the opportunity to give two more talks on medical topics, anemia approach in September of 2018 and headaches in November of 2018. Both were at Drexel University.

Outside of his work, Mouhamed is a stamp collector, a pastime he has come to enjoy in the United States. He has also developed a passion for American football and follows the New England Patriots. He reads the news every day, enjoys music and movies and takes time when he can to go hiking. 

Ultimately, his main goal is to be at peace with God. He views his services as a doctor to the community as a way to accomplish this.

Mouhamed Iyad Fakhri - Staying Up-to-Date

Mouhamed Iyad Fakhri knows that everyone on Earth is interconnected, that no one lives in isolation. For this reason, it is important to seek out new cultures and try to understand their perspectives. It is also important to stay abreast of current events around the world. Every day, Mouhamed reads the news as a way of staying in touch with the world he is a part of.

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