Energetic and optimistic are my advantages.

Attentive and calm are my strengths.

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My name is Alen.

I graduated form NCUT university and major in information technology. The difficulty of learning made me a deep understanding of the importance of English. Although the journey was tough, I still behaved well in our class.

I can be a leader in the team, and I can get along with team. I like to talk with people, and take this opportunity to absorb the others’ advantages. I am also willing to share what I have learned. In terms of knowledge, I can share all I understand. Also, I am a good listener and I can put myself in others' shoes. When I am available, I like to figure out knowledge got in communication with others or at work.

In order to think more carefully and comprehensively, I usually spend much time on thinking, so I can't collect information properly. Due to this, I usually use some gadgets such as mind maps, etc. to summarize my thoughts.

The value of a person lies in his own time and arrangement.


After graduation, I took the advantage of the summer vacation to attend the vocational learning courses. I learned a lot of technologies in the course such as tensorflow.keras, pytorch, django, scikit learn, etc. besides, I also understood the basic process of Model.

I have experience in building DNN, CNN, Linear regression, Logistic regression. In Python library, I have experience in data cleaning and crawling by using numpypandas ,etc.

I also understood the basic purpose of data pretreatment and developed the AQI forecast project. During this period, I have experience in labeling data and deeply suffering from this suck thing.

Now, in order to know more about supervised/unsupervised learning knowledge, I try to improve my foundations of mathematics and try to implement it. Enhance myself and to be a competitive person.


Sep 2014 - Jun 2017


Dept. of Electronic Engineering 

Sep 2017 - Jun 2021


Information Technology


Front - End


Back - End


Library and Framework





OS System and CICD Tool



  • Chinese - proficient
  • English - Normal