I am stress resistant, cautious, and responsive. 

At the same time, I also know how to respect others.

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My name is Alen.

I graduated form NCUT university and major in information technology. The difficulty of learning made me a deep understanding of the importance of English. Although the journey was tough, I still behaved well in our class.

I can be a leader in the team, and I can get along with team. I like to talk with people, and take this opportunity to absorb the others’ advantages. I am also willing to share what I have learned. In terms of knowledge, I can share all I understand. Also, I am a good listener and I can put myself in others' shoes. When I am available, I like to figure out knowledge got in communication with others or at work.

In order to think more carefully and comprehensively, I usually spend much time on thinking, so I can't collect information properly. Due to this, I usually use some gadgets such as mind maps, etc. to summarize my thoughts.

I served as a class representative for 4 consecutive years and 8 semesters during the university. The teacher was also very supportive because of my self-motivated and responsible sense. During this period, I would actively seek the school’s information release channels and filter out important messages through the LINE group. Let the students better absorb, and will also take the initiative to apply for abnormal student IDs, parking permits, etc. to get to know the school’s institution .

 When encountering a time conflict, I can calmly use the known tools to solve the difficulties. I have participated in the ERP course on how to improve efficiency. During this period, I served as the team leader, responsible for planning the phased targets of the topic and the communication between the students.



During my 3 years and 10 months as a technician at UMEC, I understood the importance of equipment for front-end production. For example, when I adjust the ultrasonic pressing machine, I pay great attention to the angle of mold placement, the adjustment of air pressure, and the parameters of the process. When I go online, I will observe the actual situation of the product at a fixed time and adjust it. 

When a problem occurs, I first determine whether it is I need to shut down to notify the leader, and at the same time to determine whether I am capable of repairs, I can also actively learn in front of more senior seniors, keep in mind what happened, and focus on maintenance, inspection, and learning when I am free. When encountering a conflict between personal time and working time, I will choose to complete the work. 

July to August:

After graduation, I took the advantage of the summer vacation to attend the vocational learning courses. I learned a lot oftechnologies in the course such as tensorow.keras, pytorch, django, scikit learn, etc. besides, I also understood thebasic process of Model.

I have experience in building DNN, CNN, Linear regression, Logistic regression. In Python library, I have experience in datacleaning and crawling by using numpy、pandas ,etc.I also understood the basic purpose of ETL and developed the AQI forecast project. During this period, Ihave experience in labeling data and deeply suffering from this suck thing.

September to October:

In addition to preparing for the TOEIC exam in mid-October during  , I also developed the habit of reading two hours a day. But after the above experience, I gradually discovered that I have a special knowledge and characteristics of interpersonal communication. It also makes my career planning gradually inclined to deal with interpersonal relationships and mobile jobs such as venues and equipment.


Sep 2014 - Jun 2017


Dept. of Electronic Engineering 

Sep 2017 - Jun 2021


Information Technology



Level B technician for digital electronics

Level C technician for industrial electronics 

Level C technician for computer maintenance

Front - End


Back - End


Library and Framework





OS System and CICD Tool



  • Chinese - Proficient
  • English - Normal