Software engineer
Birth: 1993-06-17
Age: 28
Phone: 0938146286
Email: [email protected]

  Taipei, Taiwan


  • Frontend language:
    • Web Development (HTML、JavaScript、CSS、jQuery), Kotlin, Swift
  • Backend language:
    • PHP, PHP Laravel, Python Django, Java, Vapor(Server-side Swift), Node.js
  • Database:
    • PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • OS
    • Linux, Docker, Windows
  • Web server
    • Nginx, Apache
  • Cloud Service
    • Amazon Web Service      (AWS)
    • Google Cloud Platform  (GCP)
    • Akamai
  • Language ability
    • English       (Read, Speak, Listen, Write) 
    • Japanese  (Read, Speak, Listen)

Work experience

Project engineer

Acer Inc.  •  2020/7 - Present

Ecommerce Region TA — DevOps,  Developer, Code reviewer,  PROD Deployment

CI / CD established, AWS Environment established, Translation improvement 5xx %, GitKraken Git GUI recommendation reduce the code conflict rate 90%, Flexible co-working ability, Git Flow co-working model with vendor strategy adviser / review, Trouble shooting abilityBuilding the CPYou environment in a day (UAT), Develop AWS Dashboard in 2 daysParallel-Backend-Server strategy solution

Backend engineer

Myers International Service  •  2020/4 - 2020/6

According to the API document from business customer, I design the variable, flow and encrypt. And then I post to the 3rd party testing address and waiting for the return variable for validation.
I made the Improvement of the order flow and enhance work efficiency 200%.

Full Stack engineer

FormosaSoft  •  2019/8 - 2020/3

Product maintain:
tms+, eeclass 2.0

Flexible & fast learning skill:
7-days to learn the Native PHP, Service / Model module, layout module, MySQL, develop new component, develop new function.


University of Taipei

Computer Science  •  2017 - 2019

Applying interactive robot to design course of computational thinking and learning computer programming

Tamkang University

Innovative Information and Technology - S.E  •  2011 – 2015

Car Trip Planner — I designed an algorithm and a frontend page to calculate the best road map for user to travel the spot via Google Distance Matrix API

One year, as an international student at Winona State University (WSU) studied Computer Science (CS) in Minnesota.


CentOS migration with AWS cloud development kit (CDK)

(2021/10 ~2021/11)

  1. Migration CentOS setting to RedHat
  2. Using the Red Hat based image with CDK for migration
  3. Deploy the standard Red Hat Linux to every AWS environment with CDK code

ISMS Level 3 data recovery documentation

(2021/10 ~ 2021/11)

  1. The sop of database recovery
  2. The sop of the a-z is unused or out of resource
  3. The sop of the front-end server or back-end server was down or damaged
  4. The sop of the source-control system was down or damaged

GitLab migration (2021/9 ~ 2021/10)

  1. Building latest GitLab with Docker
  2. Seeking a faster way to migrate to the GitLab projects
  3. Settle the plan and cut line for migration
  4. Migrate all the git from former GitLab

Amazon server cost portal (2021/8 ~2021/9)

  1. Using AWS cost explorer to build a portal for viewing costs
  2. Combine 9 AWS account costs on one portal

CI / CD (2021/6 ~2021/7)

  1. Amazon Web Service CodePipeline established
  2. Cloud9 as GUI for development
  3. Deployment Flow implement the AWS solution
  4. Enhance the deploy speed and fully automated
  5. Combine with Auto testing tool and SonarQube scanner

CodePipeline Flow:

  • Code Source → Code Build → Code Deploy

PageSpeed monitoring (2021/4 ~ 2021/5)

  1. Severless establish
  2. Integration with PowerBI
  3. API Gateway with Lambda trigger the S3

Server status monitoring (2021/4 ~2021/5)

  1. Severless establish
  2. Using S3 as hosting
  3. API Gateway combines with LambdaS3 static content using ajax through API Gateway

Serverless architecture :

Stage environment established 

(2021/11 ~ 2021/12)

  1. Setting New AWS account for STG environment
  2. ALB / EC2 / VPC established
  3. Gain more testing scenarios in STG environment

CPYou (2020/9 ~2021/4)

  1. Flexible co-working ability
  2. Git Flow co-working model with vendor strategy adviser / review 
  3. Boomi development (ETL)
  4. CPYou development
  5. Parallel-Backend-Server strategy solution
  6. Building the CPYou environment in a day (UAT)
  7. Trouble shooting ability
  8. Code Reviewer
  9. CPYou DEV / SIT / UAT / PROD Deployment 

M1 - M2 migration (2020/7 ~ 2020/9)

  1. Translation improvement 5xx %
  2. GitKraken Git GUI recommendation reduce the code conflict rate 90%
  3. Git Merge on DEV / UAT / PROD 
  4. Data fixed

Student in gate (2020/3)

I prepared the flow model and Backend develop in 1 day


  1. App scan QR Code →
  2. Post school number and timestamp → 
  3. Call API to PostgreSQL DB (End)

Push-Pull (2019/1)

Student Open Course management: Develop the Backend & Fast learn the PostgreSQL and Vapor.

I built the Server-Side and join the Vapor to Python migration.

OverCooked_2 (2018/11)

We apply the OverCooked concept and build it on IOS system. We used the Bluetooth to connect the Client each other.

Function I made:
Move, Pickup, Place, Chop, Chop progress bar, Time limit, Obstacle, Impact

JoinMe (2018/8)

User can announce the Join request via app, the other can review the request from the Join storyboard, and then they can join it for Do thing together.

Function I made:
Google Location API, User flow Design

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