Software Engineer

An experienced software engineer in web development. Passionate about Frontend and interested in product decision as well. Focus on web performance optimization and user experience. Skilled in JavaScript(ES6+), Reactjs, GraphQL, Nodejs and agile development.


Software Engineer

Bonio Inc, Taipei Taiwan  (Apr 2018 - Present)

  • Developed and design web and mobile applications using React, Next.js, GraphQL and other modern web technologies. 
  • Optimized web performance by image minimize, virtualized list and code splitting.
  • Rewrote legacy code from react class component to function component pattern using Hooks and Context API.
  • Reduced server response time  by design with mongodb indexes, Redis and CDN.
  • Eliminated manual operation by automating repetitive tasks and integrating into CI/CD pipeline.
  • Built up monitor and alert system by issue severity and priority to reducing time of resolution.
  • Introduced coding conventions and guidelines to improve readability and maintainability.
  • Conducted study groups such as domain driven design and graphql, etc., helping team members learn and inspire each other.

WEB Developer

Division Of Extracurricular Activities,  National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan (Aug 2016 - Jul 2018)

  • Developed booking space of activity website from front to backend using Node.js, jQuery, HTML, CSS.
  • Implemented responsive web design to improve user experience who use mobile devices.
  • Collaborated with staff of the office to discuss requirements from students and implemented.


2016 - 2018

National Central University

MS, Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering

2012 - 2016

Yuan Ze University

BS, Department of Computer Science & Engineering