Jacklyn Huang (Customer Service Director)

Strong leadership ability.

Fit in the team atmosphere well and lead the team to a high-efficiency mode.

Capable of negotiation and budget management.

  Keelung City, Taiwan    


Job Title: Customer Service Director

Company Name: 

Home plus Digital Co., Ltd. 

Feb 2020 - Sep 2021

Taipei, Taiwan 

My main responsibility is to manage the management center department, customer service center and telemarketing center.

1. Lead the organization and provide SOP formulation to improve operational efficiency.

2. Provide immediate operational and management suggestions  to enhance the company's image and customer satisfaction.

3. Assist all personnel with their unit's operational goals

4. Set operational strategies and plan the KPIs for general managers and team members

5. Lead the customer service center and telemarketing center. (customer answering rate: 90%, sales rate: 90%, telemarketing performance: 110%)

The responsibilities of the management department also include: personnel career development management, middle-level supervisor education and training arrangements, subordinate training methods setting and implementing,  personnel improvement planning, internal management methods planning, standard operating procedures setting.

Job Title: Manager

Company Name: 

TransGlobe Life Insurance Inc. 

10 2018 - Feb 2020
Taipei, Taiwan

1. Improve the internal operation process of the headquarter, and enhance the efficiency of operation.

2. Immediately provide planning suggestions and new development services for the customer service center of the headquarter to enhance the professional image of customers and customer satisfaction

3. Plan KPI indicators and operational indicators for the customer service center

4. Digital technology service system introduction: text customer service, AI intelligent customer service, call service system of customer service center, and so on.

5. Member CRM management and website update operations

6. Information collection of relevant industry markets to achieve the operational goals

Job Title: Operation Manager

Company Name: Telexpress.com 

May 2010 - Oct 2018

Taipei, Taiwan

Project Achievements : 

1. Philips team: Call center SL%90 (20sec80%)

2. Meadjohnson team: Call center SL%85 (30sec80%) ,OB team monthly sales amount has been growing, and the Taiwan branch has become the first in Asia

3. Citibank Telemarketing: Monthly credit card loan sales total about 100 million

4. J&J (Johnson & Johnson) team: SL% 90, response rate 98%

It covers the management of subcontracted operation projects and has both staff responsibilities and operational management responsibilities. Outsourcing attributes include leading companies in various industries such as banking/3C/consumer products. The management project includes the customer service center inbound. Also, the financial banking and cultural business in outbound telemarketing.

1. Audit and improve the internal business SOP of the project to improve the efficiency of operations and process operations

2. Immediately provide operation center with suggestions and new development services to enhance customers' professional image and customer satisfaction

3. Personnel supervise and manage to achieve the operational goals.

4. Personnel recruitment interviews and work policy formulation 

5. Enterprise project renewal and member CRM operation management

6. Collect information and trends in the industrial market to achieve the company's operating goals

7. The establishment of personal career development and the arrangement of middle-level supervisor education and training. 

Job Title: Manager

Company Name: EZfly.com 

Dec 2000 - May 2006
Taipei, Taiwan

In the six years, I had been planning and designing travel e-commerce platforms and was responsible for website product sales planning, website mechanism planning and website product negotiation. 

Also, responsible for product launching and their marketing strategy; travel product e-commerce platform construction; customer service process planning and performance report analysis. Managing marketing specialists and customer service center.

Job Title: Customer service representative 

Company Name: 

Standard chartered Bank

Apr 1997 - Jun1999
Taipei, Taiwan

Provide customers with credit card problems with inquiry, deal with  customer complaints, and handling disputed accounts.

My ability

  • Develop the company's business plan and annual project plan, plan the company's various management systems and plan possible KPI meetings, so as to maintain the company's internal advantages and external opportunities.
  • Collect operating market management information and dynamics, supervise and train online supervisors to perform project management, operational reports, and ensure various service indicators. Responsible for management system process planning and department project management


China University of Technology. 

Computer Science 

Sep 1987 - Jul 1992

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