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Django Developer  •  TPE,TW  •  [email protected]

Hi all,
I'm Jack, a Django Developer who got enthusiasm for creation.
Currently Running #DjangoEveryDay to improved my skill.

I'm a learning machine, all my learning process, career related journal 

will be documented on Linkedin. You can get the newest update there.

What I got?


- Git
- Python/Django
- Assembly
- Javascript/jQuery
-Ability to read original doc.

Front-end Framework: Materialize.css


Quick Learner.

- Self taught developer, I'm experienced in learning new tech.

Team Player.

- I believe in the law of comparative advantage. Also enjoy in reaching the goal with partner instead of alone.


TOEIC R/L: 950
- I study English by myself and got this high score :D! This should prove my self taught skills.
- Read English article everyday.
- Love to make foreigner friends. 

Why I'm better?

I'm not an ordinary student/candidate. It's a con in many time. People think they can't trust me mostly because my personality is unfamiliar for them. Though I'm not a product from education machine, I believe I'm the one of them that benefit your company. Let me give you an introduction of my value in logic.

Better Mindset

I have an growth mindset instead of fixed mindset. What's more? I didn't learn in bestseller: Mindset recommended by Bill Gates. I learn it through my life. This book just let me know what kind of person I am.

Better Leaning Curve

What I'm most experienced in is learning new things. I hope there is a way to measure one's learning skills and a metrics to show to others, but there isn't. All I can tell is I know how to set goal that don't frustrated myself but also keep me challenged. When things get tough and I want some new value/skills desperately, I also know how to increase the difficulty and risk to push myself. This makes me an high adaptability person and can take the fight in territory of unknown like ranger.

Better Collaborate Technique

I've been in some marketing projects in university. I participated in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition(創新創業競賽) and got honorable mention. I've one of cheerleading team on school team and we got the champion in 2019. All this makes me a better team player and teach me how to cooperate and learn from others.

Daily Habits/Routine

1. I practice Django almost everyday even I'm not on duty right now. WHY? Our brain construct the knowledge at night and the nerve in brain need time to connect. Everyday practice make the skills live inside me and grow through time(and almost effortless.) I practice everyday to make the learning process easier which can save a lot of energy to accomplish more.

2. I study everyday. WHY? I believe most of us need motivation to move on. Work without a purpose is torture. Therefore I read to get inspired and maintain my Psychological fuel.

3. I explore in unknown and set different goal half a year. WHY? Everything we want to achieve is basically unknown to us. `Love, wisdom, grace, inspiration, how do you go about finding these things that are in some ways about extending the boundaries of the self into unknown territory, about becoming someone else?` In order to find the life lesson, it is fairly important (and hard) to make one self explore in unknown in regular. 

4. I journal my feelings everyday. WHY? I have a lot of thought. I feel some of them can be useful to others as well as they're useful to me. So I expect myself to documented my crystallization of ideas in words and wish them can help someone else. Additionally it is a big motivation when seeing myself constructing my own knowledge library.

Conclusion. My Routine.

1. Read: Learn the unknown, get ideas and motivated)

2. Practice skills: Increase achievability

3. Make something valuable to others: Self-actualized and getting feedback

4. Discover a new territory in process, give up what I known and feel the new flow.

5. Back to 1.

Books I love: What I believe.

Readings 00 00@2x

Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder

One of the best book I've ever read. The main topic is how to survive in the world which we can't control everything. What kind of efforts you need to do in able to thrive in disorder. How to manage risk and how to live.

Readings 00 01@2x

A Field Guide To Getting Lost

The most beautiful book I've ever read. This book is full of poetic story and metaphor of what life truly is. Talking about adventure, intuition and everything that ancient explorer have.

Project I've done.


A package that parse git log. Save it to database and print it out in better format.


I'm writing Django everyday. Create App and learning different aspect of Django.
Just check out the site.

1. Parsing git log and use them for website journal.
2. automated url pattern check.
3. User System
4. Todolist/ShoppingCart.. homework projects.
5. more ...

Studio Blog

RESTful Blog 

with Rich Text Editor

and can login/post in different user.

Bitcoin Donating Group

You start at lv0 as a new user.

Donate 1dollar to be lv1

Donate Again and upgrade to lv2.

You can receive donate start at lv1.


1. Transaction System

2. Bitcoin Wallet

3. User groups management

Dcard Crawler

I build a Python Crawler to fetch image on Dcard.

It takes me 12hours to build it and make it officially online. 


1. User system 

2. Voting system 

3. Save favorite image

Library/Tech used:

1. Selenium

2. Waterfall display

3. Postgresql

4. Git

5. Digitalocean Cloud Server

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