HUA-YIN HSIEH | Jackson 

New Taipei City, Taiwan

I am a back-end developer and a part-time coding teaching assistant intern in ALPHA Camp(AC). Assisting my peers on learning programming is what I have been committing to since the start of my previous learning in ALPHA Camp. I also served as the bridge between front-end and back-end during the previous group project. I enjoy working and achieving goals together with partners. Besides learning in AC, I have been learning Go, Docker and AWS myself. I have experience on development with Node.js, Express, CI/CD, Docker and AWS.



  • React/Redux
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS


  • Node.js 
  • Express
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL
  • Caching: Redis
  • Unit testing: Mocha


  • CI/CD: Travis
  • Deployment: AWS, Heroku
  • Containerization: Docker


Oasis e-commerce:

It is an e-commerce website built with Node.js and Express. It is implemented a shopping cart system and NewebPay payment API. There is a backstage where admins are able to create, view and update products via Sequelize (MySQL ORM). The data is stored in AWS RDS: MySQL. Docker, Travis, AWS Elastic Beanstalk are utilized to achieve CI/CD in this project.


Simple Twitter API server (collaborate with Johnny Chang): 

This RESTful API server of a Twitter-like social platform is built with Node.js and Express. I developed log-in feature using JSON web token authentication with Passport.js and features of creating, fetching, and updating of user-related data with Sequelize (MySQL ORM). I am also responsible for the major logic of public chatting feature with I served as the bridge between front-end and backend-end in the team.


job-hunter LINE Bot: 

A web scraper, built with Node.js, Express, Puppeteer and Cheerio, scrapes and sends back Node.js or backend jobs information from 104 Job Bank, the biggest job searching platform in Taiwan, upon receiving the specific message via LINE message API, or it operates periodically upon being executed by Heroku scheduler.



 2021.02 - current

Teaching Assistant Intern


ALPHA Camp is an online coding bootcamp operated in Taiwan and Singapore. It is known for its solid online web development courses and its continuously growing student-TA community. I have been assisting over 40 students to improve their coding assignments and supporting them during their journey of programming learning.

 2020.04 - 2020.08

Research Assistant

Academia Sinica

Working in Academia Sinica, the national academy of Taiwan, I have assisted antibody-tests for SARS-CoV2 during the time of virus outbreak among Taiwanese Navy, and other COVID-19 related experiments.

2019.05 – 2019.07

Lab Internship

University of Tuebingen

University of Tuebingen is one of the best university in Germany. Working under Dr. Sven Huelsmann, I successfully developed tools, genetically edited fruit flies and RNA probes required for future studies of early development of fruit flies.


Language Proficiency:


Bachelor of Life Sciences

National Chung Hsing University

Graduated with GPA: 3.98/4.3 and awarded scholarship three times for good curricular performance (top 3 in the class)

Mandarin (native speaker)

English (TOEIC 905)

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