張雲翔 Po Chang

I have about five years experience in marketing. Follow the Nissan brand program and plan DLR the whole marketing process and good at manage CRM system ,and also learn new knowledge and technology to lead company to transform new digital transformation program.

I love to learn new tech and use it , and like solving problems to bring a sense of accomplishment ,  also good at communicating and have multiple skills to solve problem.

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[email protected]

High light

  1. Whole Marketing Experience.
  2. Can lead team to win great achivement.
  3. Good team communication and combine multiple department resouce.
  4. Passion and responsibility.
  5. Create new digital marketing model and Martech methed for motor-DLR. 
  6. Friendly and un-political.

Working Experience

Nissan Yun-shin motor, Senior marketing planner, May 2020 ~ NOW

1-Whole Marketing Experience:

  • Follow the Nissan brand program and plan-years-to-weekly DLR strategy to make customers awareness and buy the product.
  • From awareness to relationship , every step's plan to implement , like advertisement planning and making and final broadcast, and using market to find new customers and make more targets to know Nissan's product.
  • Good at managing markeing budget.
  • Good at massive task managment and planner.

2、Company digital transformation program.
  • Create new martech model to DLR marketing system, and key solution description for DLR.
  • Planning and implementing at converged media to bring more than 5% of customers every month.
  • Planning and using basic tagging info to solve DLR digital target problem and advertising model.
  • Basic coding and developer skill can provide good communication with digital enginer.
  • Self- learning new martech and media skill and applied in practice.


  • 2020 Nissan All New Sentra plane winner.
  • 2021 Nissan DLR digital marketing plane and win own advertisement award.
  • 2020 Nissan sale and service champion

Nissan Yun-shin motor , Senior marketing planner, Oct 2016 ~ Mar 2019

  • Obtained Top Sales Award and DLR Excellence evaluation many times, leading to a relatively fast promotion.
  • Finished the first digital marketing strategy program.
  • Improved vehicle sales performance by analyzing local sales data and providing strategic sales plans to store manager.
  • Reassessed all advertising channels, resulting in cost reduction and increased exposure on effective sources. Planned with CRM to create events allowing sales team additional opportunities to reach potential customers.
  • Establish and manage FB page which has a million fans, operate word-of-mouth marketing and customer activity, and also finished the first stage of big data project, base on customer behavior and Nissan owner data system to figure out successful transactions and opportunities.

Starbucks , Duty manager, Oct 2015 ~ Oct 2016

  • Promote 140%~160% sales goal, better than Starbucks’ target goal.
  • Managed daily operations in the coffee shop, including supervising and supporting personnel. Appointed as commissioner for coffee beans. Used SWOT analysis on store appearance and related it to customer preferences, this allowed successful planning of events which attracted more customers as well as working partners.

Starbucks , Part time, Apr 2011 ~ Jun 2014

  • Best service and sales performance.
  • Prepared drinks while focusing on good customer service and obtained close customer relations. Also attended planning and carrying out CRM events.


National Taiwan Normal University, 工學學士(BEng), Graphic Arts and Commnunucations, 2010 ~ 2014

  • Vice-Student President. 
  • Inter-departmental as the overall visual design of the sports performance. 
  • Acting as a projection dance animation design for the Fringe Arts Festival.

Working Skill


  • Word 
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Adobe creative suite


  • Project planner
  • Digital marketing
  • Converged Media
  • Social media
  • Project management


  • Chinese
  • English

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