Design high performance software to solve real-world problems efficiently. Deal with huge data and process the data. Research complicated technique obstacles and propose novel approaches. 

Software Engineer
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National Taiwan University, Thesis Work, Jul 2019 ~ Aug 2020

Title: 3D Human Body Generator and Cloth Generation
1. The project is my master thesis trying to solve virtual try-on problems.
2. Propose a lite model generating 3D human body which is suitable for web page and mobile device, and the running time is less than 1 ms.
3. Build the first pipeline for 3D cloth generation which can create proper training data for neural network, and the pipeline conforms to fashion industry.

Wind Intelligence Corp, Software Engineer, Tech Transfer, Apr 2019 ~ Jul 2019

1. Detect the contour of the knee bone in X-ray and find the corresponding feature point from X-rays and 3D bone template.
2. Propose a graph algorithm to deform the template bone model to match the X-rays data.
3. The software can potentially save patients 100s of dollars and weeks of waiting for CT scan. The patient can receive their diagnosis as soon as taken X-rays.
4. We Sold the software to Wind Intelligence Corp. as technology transfer.

Blacksmith Technology, Software Engineer, Summer Intern, Jul 2017 ~ Aug 2017

1. Trace and debug the external project code, then analyze the data structures and running time of each code segment.
2. Detect the face in the digital image and map it onto the 3D avatar model.
3. Design the algorithm and speed up 50% running time.


National Taiwan University, 科學碩士(MS), Computer Science, 2018 ~ 2020

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