Jacob (Kan-Chuan) Lin

Government Affairs, Public Policy  

Nine years of direct government experience in Taiwan's most populated city, with a proven record of successful political works and relationship-building. City Diplomat of New Taipei and evangelist for the UN Sustainable Development GoalsAble to speedily navigate complex issues and propose creative solutions, with metacognition skills and multi-disciplinary academic and professional background. Open-minded to build connections with effective communication and mutual trust. Resilient to stress and fast-changing working environment. Passionate for cutting-edge issues as well as peace, prosperity, and sustainability. 

   New Taipei, Taiwan  / [email protected] / +886 970 000 701 /      

Work Experience

Executive Officer

International Affairs Division, Secretariat

New Taipei City Govt

11/2019 - Present

  • Strategized and Executed New Taipei's global outreach based on efforts to incorporate the UN SDGs in the city's policy framework, generating enormous and unprecedented exposure on UN stage, NYC mayor's social media, and with other key players in the international urban policy arena
  • Advanced the city's engagement with major political and business stakeholders by precisely connecting and communicating between AIT and Manufacture leaders, Google and the Govt's commissioners, AmCham NextGen Program and talented officials, etc., followed by deeper cooperation and trust
  • Spearheaded Taiwan's first PPE donating actions to overseas sister cities amid COVID-19 with over 2000 pieces of PPE, by ironing out procurement and customs restrictions and coordinating resources internally and externally
  • Monitored the 2020 U.S. presidential election and identified key events for the Mayor's awareness, particularly under the cross-strait geopolitical climate 
  • Maintained the International Affairs Division as deputy or acting chief by seamlessly collaborating with the chief and the team, to manage many projects and achieve goals with the least management manpower in Secretariat 

Section Head

International Affairs Division, Secretariat

New Taipei City Govt

12/2016 -11/2019

  • Teamed up with a Singaporean startup and the National Taipei University to co-lead youth internship initiatives that won the Singaporean Govt's grant to facilitate New Taipei city's adoption for sustainable energy solutions 
  • Created and curated an English SDGs policy website, along with intensive meetings and conversations, triggering the Mayor's commitment to pursuing SDGs, Taiwan's first and the world's 10th Voluntary Local Review, and a VLR movement among Taiwanese cities
  • Organized and executed mayors' overseas business trips by setting agendas, writing speeches, arranging schedules, and coping with logistics  


Department of Budget, Accounting & Statistics

New Taipei City Govt

10/2012 - 12/2016

  • Navigated the interwoven financial and urban planning regulations to pinpoint the Urban Development Dept.'s blind spot and to suggest an additional revenue of 10 billion. The proposal was eventually approved by the Mayor   
  • Coordinated between officials at the City Govt and legislators at the City Council to produce 2014, 2015, and 2016 New Taipei's General Budget plans 
  • Explained municipal budget and accounting regulations for and supervised law compliance of over 500 accounting offices in the City Govt

Project Manager

Environment Resources Information International 

11/2009 - 05/2012

  • Worked with the Environmental Protection Administration on the Green Mark mechanism to promote energy-saving and eco-friendly products
  • Communicated with govt officials, producers, IT engineers, and other stakeholders to optimize the Green Mark online application process
  • Monitored events and policies on environmental and energy issues regularly

Leadership and Awards

  • Found the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Hub in New Taipei City, by teaming up with a group of experts known from previous successful projects, with focuses on social diversity and energy efficiency
  • Awarded as one of the 213 recipients of 2020 Scholarship of Government Sponsorship for Overseas Study by the Ministry of Education, with a focus area on South-East politics, area studies, or sustainable development 
  • Featured by the Cheers Magazine of Commonwealth Group for making great impacts without a smooth academic and career path, as the website's most visited single article with 85 thousand clicks (the article)   
  • Invited to share in a UN MGCY webinar to introduce our Data Agent internship program which was selected to showcase on the UN Youth Sustainable Energy Hub, showing the city's commitment
  • Speeched at the 2020 Conference on Global Trends in Gender Equality, held by the Department of Gender Equality of Executive Yuan. Researched and juxtaposed gender elements in five SDG policy frameworks of New Taipei, Taipei, Taoyuan, New York, and Los Angeles
  • Awarded by the Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundation as one of the five scholarship recipients selected from hundreds of candidates, to participate in the 2019 Peace Boat Global University in Japan. Led a task force to advocate peace and democracy amid Hong Kong  Anti-Extradition protest during the program
  • Offered with the fastest chance of promotion among all peer colleagues both at Accounting Department and Secretariat,  even without the university major in related professions


  • Policy Research:
    • 新北市捷運建設籌資與財務調度精進措施 (Approaches to Advanced Financing of Mass Rapid Transit System Construction in New Taipei City), 《主計月刊 (Budget and Accounting Journal), Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics, 2015 
    • 新北市捷運周邊整體開發區實施增額容積初探 (Initial Exploration for Introducing Additional Bulk in Integrated Development Area near Metro Stations), 《新北市重要統計速報》(Short Report on Important Statistics of New Taipei City), Department of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics, New Taipei City, 2014 
  • Political Reviews:
    • 對於來自戰爭當事國的人來說,這是一場掀起瘡疤的活動  《關鍵評論網》,2019
    • 在我解釋「挺香港」前,無法想像與中國遊客會有多少衝突,關鍵評論網》,2019
    • 他者:他與我的對立與和解,《國家文官學院》,2013
    • 退輔會應退出專業領域,《中國時報》,2009
    • 聖火的真諦,《自由時報》,2008


National Taiwan University

Bachelor of science in Geography

  • Took a wide range of courses from engineering, science to social science and humanity
  • Volunteered as a tutor serving Taiwanese indigenous students from 2003 to 2008, in Yilan, Taoyuan, and Taitung
  • Chief of NTU Christian Fellowship in 2005 
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