James Hsu 

RD Assistant Manager 

As a Java web developer with over ten years of experience, I have developed my Java, SQL, and frontend related skills. When I worked as a contractor in 2012, I had to work in different industries, which has given me the flexibility to adapt to different environments. And to learn different kinds of business domains. 

After entering the gambling industry in 2014, I have gained knowledge about gambling products and JavaEE technology. In my current role as an assistant manager, this gives me a broader understanding of managing a software project as a whole.

  Auckland, New Zealand    alun_hotmail.com  +642040149559


RD Assistant Manager

Anvo International Holdings., Manila  •  May 2018 - Recent

  • Leading a team of 10 members, including backend, frontend, UI design, and server maintainer. 
  • Designed and implemented a financial system with a team.  
  • Maintain up-to-date progress reports, manage tasks for members, and keep track of production issues.  
  • Introducing members to the technology and tools being used.
  • Assisted recruitment and training of new employees, while also monitoring the productivity of current employees.


  • Financial commodity trading platform mobile web version (completed in 5 months).
  • Commodity trading platform web console.
  • Commodity live market data servers.
  • Install and configure private Gitlab, Jenkins, and Maven repositories.
  • Install User Acceptance Test and Production environment, (Nginx, centos 7, DB...etc).

Senior Java developer

Wishland Software, Manila  •  Mar 2016 - Apr 2018

  • Led a team of 5 members, designing gateway structure and APIs, training member's skills needed for the project. 
  • Contributed to tasks and co-work with the team (JIRA)
  • Monitor the project's progress and assign member's tasks each week (JIRA). 
  • Plan and discuss the schedule with the PM team for new requirements (JIRA) 
  • Recruiting and interviewing local programmers for the team.


  • Project of Lottery and Card games multi-brand gateway system. (Java API)
  • Project of Lottery and Card games multi-brand console. (UI and API)
  • Project of Lottery and Card games multi-brand frontend support. (UI javascript)
  • Project of Lottery and Card games multi-brand payment system support. 

Java Consultant

Unistar Software / CPG, Taipei / Manila  •  May 2014 - Mar 2016

  • Development of Java functions, interfaces, implementations for the new system.
  • Arrange daily stand-up syncs with the scrum team in the story process. 
  • Decide on requirements and priorities in consultation with BA.  
  • Testing 100+ user cases.


  • Maintain project of Lottery and Card games version 1.0.
  • Build project 2.0 user service sub-system.
  • Project 2.0 frontend support.

Java Engineer

Datamap Software, Taipei   •  Apr 2012 - May 2014

  • On-site programmer/consultant for large companies(Acer, Taiwan Mobile, APTG, A-Mart, Taikoo Vehicle, FET). 
  • Developing and designing more than 50 functions for clients over the years.


  • Project of E-Procurement (Acer)
  • Project of E-Invoice System (APTG, A-Mart, FET)
  • Project of Vehicle Management (Taikoo car)

Java Engineer

Farrel Technology, Taipei  •  May 2008 - Apr 2012

  • Maintain the Project for the Public Treasury with the Bank of Taiwan. 
  • Maintain an online cash exchange project with the Bank of Taiwan.
  • Implemented more than 100 tasks assigned by the team leader. 


  • Project of Public Treasury of The Bank of Taiwan.
  • Project of Online Foreign Cash Exchange of the Bank of Taiwan.

Computer Engineer

E-Generation internet cafe, Auckland•  Jun 2000 - Dec 2003

  • Installation and configuration of 40 computers' operating systems, administrators' software, and games. 
  • Install, configure, and maintain the shop's network, cable, switch, and servers.


2010 - 2010

Sun Ceriticate of Java Programmer


2004 - 2008

Massey University

Bachelor of Information Science Joint Majors in Computer Science and Information Systems

1993 - 1999

Westlake Boys High



   Java    JavaScript / ES6 / jQuery    Spring Boot   Spring Framework   SQL/MySQL    Oracle Database      MongoDB   Hibernate Framework   MyBatis     GitLab   Jenkins    Linux     Agile   MS Office    NGINX   Computer Skill    Websocket   IDEA &  Webstorm 


   English — Fluent      Chinese — Native      Japanese — Beginner   

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