Wei-Chien Hsu

I'm a sophomore studying computer science in National Taiwan University.

I have great passion for software technologies. I do not limit myself to pursuing academic achievement; instead, I enjoy learning actively and implementing what I just learned. It really intrigues me a lot to solve challenging problems!

I have learned Django and web hosting on my own during term time, and deployed a website that allows users to download files after register and login. I also created a blog using hugo to post some thoughts. To automate the deployment, I set up a gitlab server to save my repositories and create CI/CD pipelines as well.

I consider myself as a fast learner, and my working experience has fully shown my initiative!

Software Engineer


[email protected]



  • CI/CD Pipelines (on the Django project)
    • gitlab
    • drone
    • aws
  • Containerized applications
    • Docker & docker-compose
    • docker-in-docker
  • Monitoring
    • Prometheus
    • Grafana

Cloud Service

  • Azure
    • Virtual Machine
  • aws
    • lambda
    • ec2
    • SES
    • S3
    • CI/CD pipelines
    • Data Migration Service
    • Elastic Load Balancing with Auto Scaling

Linux / Web Hosting

  • Shell script
  • DNS / Reverse DNS
  • Mail server
  • VPN
  • LVM
  • Reverse Proxy
  • nginx / apache


  • About 3 months experience
  • LeetCode-helper
    • A leetcode crawler that helps me build READMD.md and creates problems' files.
  • Drone CI's plugin for monorepo (not finished)
  • TBD


  • About 1 year experience
  • Django
  • SIS-importer
    • dump data from MSSQL and import it to PostgreSQL
    • use Canva's API to import students' data
  • Pygame (cooperate with teammates)
  • Machine Learning


  • About 1.5 years experience
  • familiar with STL
  • Lots of experience using C/C++ to solve algorithm problems

Work Experience

DevOps Intern @ Cathay Financial Holdings, 2019 Nov - 2020 Jun (est.)

I'm asked to dig into devops for the company. I have got achievements in drone CI, web-alert, and aws services.

All the work results are available on my github.

Developer & DevOps Intern @ NTU Cool, 2019 Jul - Present

Cool is an organization affiliated with NTU, whose goal is to deliver a digital teaching platform for the school's teachers and students.

I was asked to develop a program to dump data from MSSQL and import it to PostgreSQL, and it's used to import data via the platform's API as well.

I finished it within only half of the time my supervisor estimated.

Then instead of letting time slip away, I initiatively got myself another job: cooperate with the other intern to deploy the test environment automatically in merely one-line command, with ansible and docker.

After summer, I currently work on gitlab CI/CD pipelines for the platform.

All the work results are available on my github.


Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering @ National Taiwan University, 2018 Sep - Prevent

I have taken programming, data structures & algorithms, network & system administration, and so on.

The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University, 2015 Sep - 2018 Jun