Hsu Ting Chen / James Hsu

Web Developer with 2+ years experiences in front end, 1+ years in back end, and 0.5 years in AI. 

Able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people. 

Self-motivated and able to learn latest techniques. 

(+886) 975265880

Tainan City,TW
[email protected]


Applied Materials Taiwan, Inc., Software Engineer Intern July, 2020 ~ August, 2020

Applied Materials is the leader in materials engineering solutions used to produce virtually every new chip and advanced display in the world.

Work Content:

  • Responsible for Digital Lithography process analytical software design and implementation (tcl/tk)
  • Responsible for C API backend implementation
  • Responsible for design algorithm for C API backend

eCloudvalley Digital Technology Co., Intern July, 2019 ~ January, 2020

eCloudvalley is a AWS Managed Service Parner, which is focus on providing several solutions, such as migration, serverless, data solution and docker, to corporations. 

Work Content:

  • Make Training  Course of Microsoft Azure cloud service
  • Develop Content Management System with Microsoft Azure cloud service
  • Lecturer of 3-tier architecture with Azure
  • Pass Microsoft Azure cloud service Certification (AZ-900, AZ-103)

NCKU HUB, Front End Developer Jan, 2018 ~ January, 2020
NCKU HUB is an information platform that build by student of NCKU. Our goal is let campus information more circulating through IT. Our works include sharing experience of course, simulating lists of course and chatbot.
Work Content: 
  • Front end design of Mobile version
  • Front end of Mobile version


NTUST, M.S. Degree of Information Management 2020/02 ~ Present

Research Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Image Processing, Deep Learning

NCKU, B.S. Degree of Industrial and Information Management Graduate in 2019


Front End

Ability of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / Typescript. Familiar with Vue.js and extend library. Able to independently build front end work and SPA (Single Page App), which includes router management, vuex, API management and modularize component. Use Mocha, Chai to test.

Back End

Ability of Nodejs, python, Go. Use express, flask, gin to implement MVC / MTV architecture and design RESTful API. Currently learn how to implement JWT / OAuth.

DevOps & Cloud service

Use GitHub and GitLab to control version. Used to conduct serverless CI/CD with Azure DevOps and deploy to Azure Funtions, Azure Web Application.

AI & Digital Image Processing

Familiar to Machine Learning and Deep Learning, ability of OpenCV, pytorch, caffe.


  • Front end|vue 
  • Front end test | Mocha, Chai
  • Front end router | vue-router 
  • Front end state | vuex 
  • CSS Framework | Element UI 
  • API management | Axios 
  • OAuth | Microsoft Graph 
  • Back end | Nodejs with Microsoft Azure Functions (Serverless)

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NCKU Hub | Mobile website

  • Front end|vue 
  • CSS Framework | MaterializeCSS
  • Streaming build system  | gulp

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