Ting-Chen (James) Hsu / 許庭禎

Software Engineer with 3+ years experience in front end, 3+ years in back end, and 1.5 years in AI.
Experienced in multiple computer languages, with a get-it-done, on-time, and high-quality product spirit.
Detailed-oriented, well-organized team player, who is able to cooperate and communicate effectively with cross-cultural teams.
Go-getter in discovering IT information and eager to be challenged in order to be a better engineer.

Software Engineer / Backend Engineer • Taipei City, TW • [email protected]


Amazon.com, Inc., Cloud Support Engineer Intern  August, 2021 ~ Present

Amazon.com, Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Applied Materials Taiwan, Inc., Software R&D Engineer Intern  July, 2020 ~ August, 2020

Applied Materials is the leader in materials engineering solutions used to produce virtually every new chip and advanced display in the world.

Work Content:

  • Accomplished Digital Lithography process analytical software design and implementation by C and tcl/tk
  • Accomplished Numerical calculation backend API by C
  • Design and Implement Algorithm for plot parser to reduce data size by 66% 

eCloudvalley Digital Technology Co., Cloud Engineer Intern July, 2019 ~ January, 2020
eCloudvalley is a AWS Managed Service Parner, which is focus on providing several solutions, such as migration, serverless, data solution and docker, to corporations.
Work Content: 
  • Design and Implement Training Course of Microsoft Azure cloud service
  • Design and Implement Content Management System with Microsoft Azure cloud service to simplify duplicate operation on Azure Portal
  • Lecturer of 3-tier architecture with Azure
  • Pass Microsoft Azure cloud service Certification (AZ-900, AZ-103)


NTUST, Master Degree of Information Management 2020/02 ~ Present

Research Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Digital Image Processing, Semantic Segmentation

NCKU, B.S. Degree of Industrial and Information Management Graduate in 2019


Front End

  • Ability of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / Typescript
  • Familiar with Vue.js and extend library
  • Able to independently build front end work and SPA (Single Page App), which includes router management, vuex, API management and modularize component
  • Use Mocha, Chai to test

Back End

  • Ability of Nodejs, python, Go, C/C++
  • Use express, flask, gin to implement MVC / MTV architecture and design RESTful API
  • Used to construct grpc & REST service with go
  • Use C and tcl/tk for GUI implemetation.

DevOps & Cloud service

  • Familiar with Git
  • Used to conduct serverless CI/CD with Azure DevOps and deploy to Azure Funtions, Azure Web Application
  • Familiar with Docker and Drone

AI & Digital Image Processing

  • Familiar to Machine Learning & Deep Learning, ability of OpenCV, python, pytorch, tensorflow. 
  • Able to study and implement state-of-the-art papers of Image  processing.

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