Chun-Chia, Lai

Algorithm developer

- 5+ years in algorithm development such as image classification, recommender system and machine learning
- Professions: robot motion planning, robot skill learning, psychology
- Skills : C++, C#, Python, MATLAB, SPSS
- Achievement : developing an insurance recommender system, building a store like Amazon Go
- Personality : willing to accept challenges, to learn new technology and have a strong learning ability

  Taipei, Taiwan      


六月 2019 - Present

Data Scientist,  Cathay Financial Holdings Ltd.

• Developed the recommendation system for insurance goods, and was responsible for the development of the recommendation algorithm and the writing of the code. The click through rate after the recommendation is about two times higher than that without the recommendation.
• Analyzed digital behavior data and credit card consumption behavior to assist the business side to make decisions.

五月 2017 - 六月 2019

System Development Engineer,  Industrial Technology Research Institute

•  Build the future store in Taiwan, mainly responsible for hardware and software integration and algorithm development.

• Modified design of commodity display rack, planned and set of microcontrollers and sensors, and functional development and integration of each sensor.

• Completed the shelves with image identification, weight identification and distance identification functions, and an established future store.

一月 2015 - 五月 2017

Software Engineer, FS-TECH company Ltd.

• Provided manufacturers with automatic programs to analyze machine data and import data to databases, so as to promote the process of Industry 4.0. It has been used in major factories.

• Optimized the performance of data imports and decreased 1 million entries from 3,000 seconds to 10 seconds.

• Developed a product installation check tool based on the Windows Form interface, which can provide on-site technical support personnel to quickly verify that the required applications for the system are properly installed.

三月 2011 - 四月 2013

Research Assistant (part-time),  National Taipei University of Technology.

• Implemented the National Science Council program, "Adaptive Task Planning and Control of Assistive Robots – subproject 1 : Research and Design of Robot Skill Learning"

• Literature searching, proposal writing, algorithm development, progress report and results publication.


National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

MSc in Automation Technology

Master’s thesis: Robot skill learning: concatenation of motion blocks for complex tasks

2010 - 2013

Chun Yuan Christian University, Zhongli, Taiwan

MSc in Psychology

Master’s thesis: The relationship between optimistic bias and unsafe behaviors in Chinese organizations – The Example of Manufacture Operator

2004 - 2009

Chun Yuan Christian University, Zhongli, Taiwan

BSc in Psychology

2000 - 2004

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