湯淀恵 Jamie Tang


UI設計師 / 平面設計師 / 電腦繪圖 / 視覺設計 / 影像剪輯
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New Taipei,TW


2007 年 9 月 - 2011 年 9 月

世新大學 公關廣告學系 畢業

Graduated from the Shixin University of Public Relations and Advertising.
Advertising Design / Marketing strategy / Consumer Behavior / Issue analysis / Planning proposal


平面設計師 Graphic Designer,2017 年 3 月 - 至今

美商卓霖企業 Zoeller pump company

According to the CIS design specifications of the enterprise, the relevant design of the product will be designed. Collaborate with engineers and confirm the quality of design output.

依據企業CIS設計規範,將產品相關設計,以軟體做適當設計繪製、 協同工程師做圖面繪製,確認設計產出品質。 

電腦繪圖人員 Software draftsman,2012 年 8 月 - 2016 年 2 月

瑞慶模型企業 Risesoon company

According to the company's product specifications, the customer's design is appropriately drawn with computer software.
Implementation of color management to digital proofing system.

依據公司產品規格,將客戶的設計,以電腦軟體做適當繪製、 並將Sample打樣出來。

視覺設計 Visual designer,2010 年 9 月 - 2011 年 6 月

小山甜點 方山行 Sam sweetie  market

Graphic advertising design, exhibition design, business card design, product planning and promotion.




以遊戲美術為基礎,活用於不同領域行銷宣傳用途 例如 : 展場示意 賣場百貨 專櫃櫥窗 室內設計....

  • 3D MAX
  • Unity
  • Photoshop




  • Adobe XD / Sketch / Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


畢業於公關廣告科系,紮實的學識與提案競賽經驗 實習於電通安吉斯媒體集團 

  • GO MAD行銷團隊形象設計
  • 企業CIS形象設計
  • LOGO/名片/刊物/包裝/FB廣告

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          In my past work experience, I have learned the printing process practical, the implementation of the CIS standard of the enterprise, and co-work with the US window to communicate the project design and how to execute the project to the best within the limited time. Not only learning the above-mentioned visible technology but also gained intangible experience, as follows:
Strong communication skills:
During the implementation of the project, it is often to discuss the production method suitable for the product with the supervisor and other departments to find out the method that meets the cost and promote new products smoothly. In the process, the actual problems encountered by the other departments will be raised in the meeting, then proposed solutions based on the questions to make decisions and make changes. Therefore this communication model has become a consensus.

In the process of drawing, it is often the case that the color is wrong, or the customer changes the mind, and it must be repeated again. At this time, it must be patient to find the problem and solve the problems one by one. It is very important, and this is what I have achieved after years of hard work.
Rich teamwork experience:

The smooth implementation of the project depends on cooperating with other departments. From the start of drafts to the final packaging, and deliver to the guests. These are all due to the communication, coordination, and teamwork between the various departments. For me, these activities have deepened my experience in teamwork and learned how to get along with others.

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