Jane Setiady

An ESFJ who is passionate about Digital Media. A hard-working person who is eager to learn something new and challenge herself. Have high leadership skills, a creative thinker, and love meeting new people.

  Taipei, Taiwan       


National Taiwan University

International Business

2017 - 2021

Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship.
It is a way you can give something without loosing something.
— Richard Stallman

Projects: Taiwan Bobba

Podcast Taiwan Bobba

A platform where Jane and Jessica can share what we've learned from those experienced people in Taiwan.

Instagram @taiwanbobba

A place where Indonesians in Taiwan learn Chinese as well as exchange information and support each other. 

Top Episodes

Eps #7. Stop Crying & Start Doing

Feeling blessed by people that helped him in Taiwan, he went back to Indonesia, help students with their Chinese, and become everyone's hero.

Eps #15. Having Family in Taiwan

From married in Taiwan to working in Gogoro, this family shares their experience and tips on having a family in Taiwan.

Eps #10. The Story Behind Food Enthusiast in Taiwan

Starting from hobbies, this girl turns her passion into something big. Check her work @foodie.taiwan and see her story behind it!

Eps #12. Mengejar Mimpi Setinggi Awan

Keep learning to be a blessing for Indonesia. His motto motivates him to keep learning and get scholarships from high school to Ph.D.