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Expert in analyze and troubleshooting the technical problems, to merge the total solution.

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Key Skill


1. Management of dry-docking projects and repair projects

2. Management of subcontracts for arranging the all of surveys.

3. Lead and advise Master and crew members to complete the troubleshooting of emergency situation.

4. Managing subcontracts and shipyard to install huge equipment on board (BWTS)

Technical Support

1. Advise and instruct the crew members to troubleshooting.

2. Proposing the proposal of solutions that listed the advantage and disadvantage to Technical Manager choice. 

3. Creating customized guideline to fleet, for easier familiar the new regulation.

4. Following up the IMO convention and flag regulation for comply the repair projects.

liaison and coordination

1. liaison the Makers and suppliers, purchase the spare parts of ship equipment, and control the inventory.

2. Coordinate subcontractors and local agency to avoid the ship's schedule delayed

3. Coordinate supplier and local agency to dispatch the spare parts smoothly on board.

Data Analysis

1. Collect parameter data and cleaning.
2. Use linear regression method to analysis the key parameter correlation by Excel 

Key Knowledge 


A. The theory of Internal combustion engine and troubleshooting

B. The theory of hydraulic / pneumatic system and troubleshooting

C. The theory of Pumps and piping system and troubleshooting

D. The theory of Boiler and steam system and troubleshooting

E.  The theory of Fuel oil and purifier system and troubleshooting

F.  The theory of heating exchange system and troubleshooting

Electrical / Automatic

A. 3 Phase power system and troubleshooting

B. Electrical control system and troubleshooting


A. IMO convention and flag regulation

B. the bulk carriers standard of classification rule

C. Basic knowledge charter party

D. The theory of Risk Assessment

E. Ship construction


A. Dry Etching theory

B. Semiconductor manufacturing process

C. Wafer defect basic analysis.

D. Etcher troubleshooting.


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Equipment Engineer, Nov 2020 ~ Present

Responsibility for N3 Back-end Advanced etching process
1. Use FDC system to analyze the parameter and performance with vendor to new-type etcher troubleshooting. 

2. Use linear regression method to analysis the key parameter correlation for tools and process issue
3. Use SPC system to control and maintain the various of etching rates.
4. Co-work with Process Engineer to modify the recipe.

5. Do DOE (design of experiment) to check the correlation between the parameters of new tool and etching rate .

OCEANLANCE MARITIME CO., LTD. , Superintendent Port Engineer, Mar 2018 ~ Nov 2020

Responsibility for 4 ships management,
1. Arranging the dry-docking project and managing on-site
2. Study on IMO convention and local harbor regulation to make sure the ship can fulfill the all of the requirements.
3. Assisting the affairs of Technical Manager required.
4. Technical supporting and advising for business department and crew members.
5. Managing, planning, checking the ship management plan.
6. Monitoring the systems of ship
{diesel generator power system, electrical control system, ship propeller thrust system, exhaust system, boiler and steam system, fire fighting system, cooling water system...etc)
7. Advising and instructing the emergency repair of fleet.
8. Find the optimal solution of special problem.
9. Risk assessment and management of huge repair projects.
10. Arranging the huge repair projects and estimating the cost.
11. Coordination of many department and Administrator of the government for the projects process smoothly.

Assist the SMS department:
1. Maintain SMS document.
2. Internal auditor on board
3. Issue the rectified report of Right ship & PSC
4. Assist to arrange the risk assessment system.

1. first quarter of 2020, due to the COVID-19, the dry docking project would be delay. finally the project was done on time by coordinate all parties.
2. Many times troubleshooting with crew members for saving a lot of cost.
3. Propose many solutions that listing the advantage and disadvantage to technical manger choice.

Unison Marine Corp., Port Engineer, Mar 2015 ~ Nov 2017

Assist Superintendent for the ship management
1. Purchase the spare parts and store
2.Monitoring the ship performance and equipment maintenance.
3.Arrange the statutory survey and classification survey
4.Troubleshooting and technical support with Superintendent for ship crew members.
5. preparing the dry-docking projects and mange the repair projects on site with Superintendent

Assist the Design Person for SMS,
1. Maintain SMS document.
2. Internal auditor on board
3. Issue the rectified report of Right ship & PSC

YangMing Marine Transport Corp., 4th Engineering officer, Jan 2014 ~ Mar 2015

This work is offshore.
Responsibility for the Auxiliary machines of the vessel
-Auxiliary machines is pumps, boiler, purifiers,air compressors...etc
Main scope :
1.Period maintenance and team work
2.Calculate the fuel oil quantity and consumption
3.Troubleshooting for Auxiliary machines
4.Troubleshooting and assisting for Main engine and Generator
5.Troubleshooting for control and electrical system

Rigidtech Microelectronics Corp. , Equipment Engineer, Nov 2012 ~ Oct 2013

Responsibility for Etching machine
1.Period maintenance
3. Record the data


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Master, Mechanical engineering, 2018 ~ 2020

Research for Prediction Maintenance of Electrical Power System ,Data Analysis ,Smart factory 

Thesis : The fault detection of the output filter capacitor in the motor inverter

National Taiwan Ocean University, bachelor, Marine engineering, 2007 ~ 2011

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