洪偉傑   Wei-Chieh Hung

 Taipei, Taiwan                                    1991/11/06

 [email protected]          +886-970-098623


 Seeing movies, TV series, Reading, Cooking, 

Traveling, Photographing,  Basketball, Baseball, Yoga, Workout.



Preliminary Study on Aviation Safety System using Big Data Analytics


Substitute Services (discharged in Oct. 2017 )

Language Skills

Mandarin (native speaker) 
English (fluent, TOEIC 730)

Computer Skills

Office(Powerpoint, Word, Excel),

illustrator, Matlab, R, Python,etc.


Cheerleading Coach Grade C

license number: 102啦隊丙教字第42號


Master of Civil Aviation, National Cheng Kung University, 2014/9~2016/8.

Bachelor of Mathematics, National Cheng Kung University, 2010/9~2014/6.

High School Diploma, Banqiao Senior High School, 2007/9~2010/6.


Substitute Services, Records Section, 

The Taiwan New Taipei District Court.


Mathematics teacher, Yoho cram school.


Summer Intern, China Airlines.


Center for Technologies of Ubiquitous Computing and Humanity(TOUCH Center),NCKU.



  • 2016 NCKU Leadership Program for the Future Elites,graduated with second place honor. 
  • 2014 TNCC, Group Mixed, fifth place. 
  • 2014 UCC, Group Mixed, eighth place.
  • 2013 TNCC, Regulation Group Mixed(as coach), third place.
  • 2013 TNCC, Small Group Mixed, fourth place.
  • 2012 UCC, Group Mixed, fourth place.



Leaders experience

  • 2016 13th NCKU Leadership Program for the Future Elites, as coordinator.
  • 2016 Green Competition Camp under Cross-Strait Green University Consortium 2016, represented NCKU.
  • 2016 「吾聲」, deaf care activity ,as coordinator.
  • 2015 "Daisuki Taxi service improvement project", as project member. 
  • 2015 Summer intern in China Airlines, as class leader.
  • 2015-2016 In charge of NCKU cheerleading team.
  • 2013 Head of training division in NCKU cheerleading team.
  • 2012 Member of training division in NCKU cheerleading team.
  • 2011 Instructor of dancing in NCKU cheerleading team.
  • 2009 Coordinator of welcome party in Recreational Guidance Club.
  • 2009 Coordinator of winter program in Recreational Guidance Club.
  • 2009 Head of public relationship in Recreational Guidance Club.  


    My name is Wei-Chieh Hung, born on 1991/11/06. I have two younger brothers studying at 9th and 11th grade. My parents work as retailers in nut business. When I was young, they encouraged me to study and work on my own initiative and independently , hoping that I can occupy an important place in the future. Meanwhile, they expected me to have infinite thirst for knowledge like a sponge. My role model, Michael Jordan, said: "I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." That is always kept on my mind to remind me to pursuit a better life bravely. 

    I had strong interest in science and engineering during my childhood. I always looked at the moon through a clear blue, thinking why the moon rises day after day. I joined "Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest" during junior high, cooperating with 4 classmates to solve difficult problems. In college period, I majored in Mathematics in NCKU. I needed to get use to using logic thinking and transforming my thought into words. The course here frustrated me; in the end of my freshman semester, I got a terrible grade. I decided to rally my forces once more by discussing with classmates constantly and finally stabilized my pace. Compared to the far-reaching meaning of pure mathematics, I am interested in applied engineering more. When I finished the required courses in my department, I started to select courses like Methodology, Climatology, Thermodynamics, Statistics, Economics and Aerodynamics, etc. Ultimately, I chose the institute of Civil Aviation in NCKU. 

    My thesis advisor, professor Lin, inspires me a lot. Professor Lin allowed us to brainstorm new idea and learn by doing in order to figure out better solutions. During my summer intern in China Airlines, I realized that if we want to apply the knowledge from textbooks in the real world, it needs to be adjusted and coordinated to fit company's purpose. In the second year of my master degree, I applied Leadership Program for the Future Elites in NCKU. There were series of lectures such as English oral training, project management and leadership skills that can widen my horizon, learning how to lead people and how to be led. It connects my academic with my future career and expands my international outlook.


    I participated recreational guidance club in my high school period. I learned a lot here such as event planning, activities contact, this experience made me more outgoing. Besides, I realized how to interact with elders and others with politeness. I used to be a leader of a program with two hundred participants, commanding fifty staff and utilizing them to carry out a four-day event. If recreational guidance club makes me lively and outgoing, cheerleading helps me to be more conscientious and responsible. After experiencing this sport, I finally understood it required not only physical capability but also the balance of body, mind, and spirit. Cooperating with my teammates and fully trusting them is the key to success. Staying in this team for 6 years, in spite of heavy responsibility and stress, I absorbed a lot of different experience out of class.

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