彭奕傑 (Yi-Jay Peng)

When I graduated from the master's degree, I signed a contract with my professor as a research assistant, continue my study, and make myself proficient in programming language. Now I have completed military service and I am looking for a job related to my expertise. Excellent in R language, SAS, SQL and LaTeX, also have some foundation for Python. 

Taipei City,TW
[email protected]


Feng Chia University, Research Assistant, 2020.07 ~ 2020.10

  • Assisting in program development for simulation studies (Bayesian estimation).
  • Using R language to organize the simulation results and visualization.
  • Using SAS and SQL syntax to process and clean more than 500,000 PISA test data.
  • Using LaTex to typeset, modify, and write theses.

Feng Chia University, Teaching Assistant, 2019.09 ~ 2020.06

  • Preparing lesson about probability theory and statistics related exercises or concepts.
  • Teaching and solving problems.
  • Counseling.

CHUAN LIAN Enterprise Co., Ltd., Salesperson,  2015.07 ~ 2015.09

  • Receiving payment.
  • Moving the goods.


Feng Chia University, Master's degree, Statistics, 2019.08 ~ 2020.07

In addition to studying Finance Analytics Program.
GPA: 4 /4


 An Item Response Theory Tree Model Incorporating Guessing Behavior for the Presence of Non-response Data  


Holding a post supervisor and assisting students to investigate and analyze Feng Chia Night Market. 

Excellent Report:

On the "Time Series Analysis" course, the final report(Forecasting Value-at-Risks of Daily Stock Returns) was recommended by the professor as an excellent report in the library.



Excellent: R, SAS, SQL, LaTex 

Medium: Python 

Base: Mplus, Batch files, Perl


SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming Using SAS 9.4

SAS Certified Professional: Advanced Programming Using SAS 9.4

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