Jamison Liu (Heng Cheng)  /  劉恆丞

Huge passion to touch new technology.

Not afraid to overcome the challenges in daily work. 

[email protected] / 096362373


Software Engineer of Compal Broadband Networks, 2019/11 - 2021/2

  • Design firmware upgrade method.
    - Simplified from two steps to one step, the download time is reduced by about 30%.
    - Compatible with the old version of the upgrade method and files.
    - Conducted remote demonstration and verification with customers.
  • Migrated API from the old version of the framework to the new one by using C/C++.
  • Study about TR069 spec, CPE WAN Management Protocol.


National Sun Yat-sen University, 2014/9 - 2019/6

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

My independent study project, entitled "3D Audio Simulation", was about converting normal audio to 3D audio similar to ASMR, by using head-related transfer function with C/C++.


  • Main (knowledge and daily experience): C, C++

  • Experienced: Java

  • Used in the past: MySQL, Shell script

  • Other: Git, Python(beginner)

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