jason Wei

Backend Engineer

  Tainan City, Taiwan

Hi, My name is Jason Wei. I graduated with a bachelor degree in computer science from ChuanHua University in Hsinchu. In 2018, I finished training of “Intellengient Training Talent Class” in “Institute for Information Industry”. Which learned C#, SQL, ASP.NET, Python, IOT technologies. “Human resource System” is our team final project for this class.

Then I worked in Taipay until now. At start, I am a PG, did a lot of .NET CORE MVC work as my supervisor told me. In first year, I enhanced ASP.NET skill and relevant web programming skill. The second year, I was promoted as a SD, I draw flow chart, design schema and consider server resource and security.

I using .NET CORE, restful api, RWD UI, MySQL/MSSQL as database., also css, Html, javascript, jQuery, RWD UI(Bootstrap), and git to control our code version.

In my spare time, I try to learn new technologies as my side project, such as Vue, Angular, docker, Redis, Azure, Signal-R, Rabbit-MQ, Python and Flask.


   C# .NET Core MVC    MSSQL      CSS      Html      Javascript   



Work Experience

Backend engineer

Nsecured Technology

Apri. 2019 - Present
Tainan, Taiwan

  • Temple back stage management system which manages income/ expenses, friendships, human resources, assets..and relevant functions. Build with .NET Core MVC,  jQuery,  Restful API, 3-tiers, Bootstrap, Dapper and LINQ. Also writing technical documents and swagger. I played as a SA , faceing client and as a SD and PG to design system from bottom to top.
  • Shoe pad e-commerce back stage management system, which manage articles and articles also products and others. Build with .NET Core MVC ,  jQuery, ajax,  Restful API, 3-tiers, Bootstrap, Dapper and LINQ . Also writing technical documents and swagger .
  • New EID prototype system, the most inspiring project. Because it helps Taiwanese  upgrade their ID which is a whole new generation of e-government. Build with .NET Core,  jQuery,  Restful API, 4-tiers, Bootstrap.  Proxy for diversion and loading balance.
  • Company subsidy system maintain and development. It’s an old webform and has been modified many times to apply to different events. So the code is so complicated and mass. In this case, I learned and wrote a lot of T-SQL storedprocedure. And it’s an ongoing system, so every function needs to be done in a short time. Build with .NET Webform,  jQuery,  Bootstrap.  DB performance tuning and normalization was required, it's speed has increased by 200~500%.
  • HRM and ERP systems, our company’s new cloud service products, are still under construction and development. Build with .NET Core MVC,  jQuery,  Restful API, 3-tiers, Bootstrap. Also writing technical documents and swagger .
  • Our company image website, I import gitlab CI/CD to help engineers reduce time to deploy code into server. Build with .NET Core MVC,  jQuery, ajax, signal-R, Restful API, 3-tiers, Bootstrap, Dapper and LINQ . Also writing technical documents and swagger .
  • Familar with our test machine which is Linux- Ubuntu system.


2004 - 2008

ChuanHua University

Computer Science

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