Jay Cohen

Jay Cohen is the owner of Northern Leasing Systems based in New
York. Jay has quickly taken the company to the top, becoming an
industry leader that has paved the way for competitors year after
year. His decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business
owner has helped Jay develop numerous prestigious partnerships
with independent organizations. For Jay and Northern Leasing, their
vast network plays a large role in their ability to provide their clients with the ultimate experience.

When he's not working, Jay Cohen devotes a lot of his free time to
watching and playing sports. He is an avid watcher of New York's
best sports teams and enjoys. Sports and entrepreneurship have a
lot of crossover in Jay's mind. to be successful in either, you must
possess an iron will, dedication, and the ability to put in the hours of hard work.

  New York, NY, USA


Work Experience

January 1991 - Present

Owner  Northern Leasing Systems

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