Building empathy with real conversations.


Hi there,

I'm a product designer based in the amazing city of Cape Town.

For the past decade, I have been active in business, design and startups. At the age of 18 I knew that design was my passion. I care about people and the challenges they face. want to make a difference and solve problems by designing experiences that matter. 

UX is the sum of all things.

Designing a great experience is a real team effort. I work closely with stakeholders, team members and users to ensure that all goals and processes are aligned.

This is how we accomplish that.


Empathise & Define

Understanding your business and getting to know the users is where the process begins. With this insight we can better align UX strategy with business goals. 

Tasks & Artefacts:

Stakeholder Interviews, Ecosystem Maps, Workshops, Business Canvas Models, Competitive Analysis, Ethnographic Research, User Interviews, Query Audit, Personas, Use Cases, Scenarios, User Flows, Journey Mapping, Problem Framing, Systems Analysis, UI Inventory & Audit, Service Blueprints, UX Vision & Strategy, Value Proposition, Business & User Requirements and Project Planning.


Design & Decide

We interpret these goals into actionable components that develop into IA cards, wireframes and prototypes to test the experience hypothesis. 

Tasks & Artefacts

Brainstorming, Design Sprints, Collaborative Design, UI Components, IA Cards, Card Sorting, Sketching, Wireframes, System Architecture, Paper Prototyping, Experimentation, Visual Designs, Motion Design, Prototype, UI Style Guide, Pattern Libraries, Design System & UI Glossary.

Validate & Iterate

When users are able to respond to their experiences, that is when the conversation really begins. Our ideas can be quickly validated or improved by insight.

Tasks & Artefacts: 

Test Plans, Heuristic Evaluations, Cognitive Walkthroughs, User Testing, Focus Groups, Field Studies, Surveys, A/B Tests, Feedback Loops, Data Analysis & Iteration.  

Build & Deploy

Throughout the build, we need to constantly communicate with the developers to address any issues as they occur and guide them to the finish line as smoothly as possible.

Tasks & Artefacts: 

Product Blueprint, Deployment Strategy, Sprints, Scrums, Components Library, MDP, Performance Testing, Design QA & User Onboarding Strategy. 

I've gained 9+ years of experience. 

Senior Product Designer


3 years | Aug 2014 - Present

I collaborate daily with the stakeholders, product teams and user groups at a large, multinational online gaming company. By combining science, art and technology to identify, investigate and validate customer and business needs, I focus on crafting enterprise and player experiences that add value and bring delight. 

Senior UX/UI Designer

Mobillion Investments

2 years | April 2012 - Aug 2014 

While working as a Senior UX/UI Designer at Mobillion, I lead a small group of multidisciplinary creatives focused on designing experiences that answered government, B2B and consumer questions.

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Army of Art

2 years | Nov 2011 - 2013

I was acting Creative Director and Co-Founder of Army of Art, a social & eCommerce startup founded in 2011. The purpose of AOA was to help build and sustain creative careers in South Africa. Creatives could showcase and sell their work, collaborate with other creatives, participate in competitions, find jobs, manage their projects, and get paid.

Freelance Digital & UX Designer

9 years | 2008 - Present

UX/UI, social media marketing, copywriting, technical writing, illustration, image retouching, branding, print & packaging design projects.

I'm street smart, but I've got book smarts too. 

Fine Art & Graphic Design

Andrew Owen School Of Art | 2008

IEB Matric 

Bridge House College | 2007

I've picked up some skills along my journey. 

Planning, Project Management, Agile & Waterfall Methodologies, Software Development Life Cycle, Integration, Startup Development, Design Thinking, Atomic Design, Content Strategy, Copywriting, UI Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, social media marketing, SEO. 

I love sticky notes, among other tools. 

Freedcamp, Purple, Microsoft Office Suite, pencil and paper, UI stencils, component libraries, IA card templates, Adobe CC, Invision, Axure RP, UX Check, SurveyMonkey, Google Analytics

I've been a part of some exciting things. 

I've worked on a wide range of user experiences, including enterprise, eCommerce, fintech, and gaming web apps. 

Read through highlights from some of my recent projects. 

Drogon Offer Management

UX Lead

I'm currently working on Drogon, a web app that will assist the DigiOutsource acquisition marketing team with setting up and managing their promotions and publishing them to the casino brand websites, thus reducing the dependency on multiple, inefficient legacy systems.

DigiDash Call Centre App

UX Specialist

At DigiOutsource, significant progress has been made over the past few years to reduce the handling of multiple systems and plugins by working closely with stakeholders and user groups to develop an intelligent and modular product.

TAP Payment Gateway

Product Design Lead

TAP is a payment service provider that gives eCommerce clients access to multiple processing methods by simply having one API integration. I lead a small team of EOH contractors in a holistic approach to develop an adaptive experience.

JackpotCity Online Casino

UX Analyst

I facilitated testing and analysis workshops for JPC. Heuristic evaluations, user testing and surveys helped us identify the architectural and functional issues the players were facing when trying to update their casino account details or query a pending transaction.

I have collaborated with great people.

I had the privilege to work with Jayd on the design of a completely new front end product. She is extremely passionate about what she does with a strong focus to ensure the most appropriate design for the relevant user. To accomplish this she does constant research and works closely with the client and the rest of the team. She gives formidable attention to detail that adds to the overall quality of everything she does. I would be grateful to get another opportunity to work with her again.

Lynn Dodds, Senior Business Analyst at EOH MC Solutions

I have had the honor of working beside a true visionary. She has inspired me to question everything, and look at things differently. She is both talented in design as well as UX processes.

Melissa Theron, Project Manager at DigiOutsource

Enough about me. What about you?

What are you trying to achieve? What are your customers' needs? What questions are you trying to answer? What challenges are you facing? What do you need to answer these questions? We can answer these questions together. 

Let's stop focusing on features and interfaces, and start focusing on experiences. 

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