JC Parets

J.C. Parets is the Chief Market Strategist for AllStarCharts. is an experienced market technician with a diverse analytical skill set. He earned the Chartered Market Technician designation (CMT) and is a member of the Market Technicians Association. Employing a top-down approach JC uses Intermarket Analysis with particular emphases on trend recognition and Fibonacci projections. He has constructed a variety of proprietary oscillators that he adjusts over time. As a portfolio manager, JC focuses on all areas of asset allocation including stocks, bonds, currency and commodity markets. His approach emphasizes market timing, sector rotation strategies, stock selection, and most importantly risk management. J.C. grew up in Miami, Florida and now works in New York City with his wife where he continues to support his hometown teams – The Miami Dolphins, The Heat, The Marlins and The Miami Hurricanes. He currently manages his businesses from his home in Sonoma, where he is also studying to become a Sommelier.

Chief Market Technician
New York, NY

[email protected]


Chief Market Technician, AllStarCharts.com

Sept. 2014 - Present

ALL STAR CHARTS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allstarcharts Holdings, LLC. Members of Allstarcharts have access to JC's Chartbook with over 500 stocks, sector ETFs, Indexes, Commodities, Forex and Intermarket charts that JC updates weekly. In addition to the Chartbook, members receive weekly letters about the current market environment and access to a monthly live conference call. Members of Allstarcharts include Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Family Offices, Investment Advisors and Individual Investors.

Senior Editor,  AllStarCharts.com 

Jan 2011 - Present

Chief Market Technician, AllStarCharts India, Jan 2018 - Present

Allstarcharts India was launched in January 2018 to bring the same Technical Analysis that we offer our Individual and Institutional Investors around the world to traders and investors in India. I have always been interested in India’s culture and stock market. The same Top/Down approach the we incorporate in say, the S&P500, is exactly the same as how we treat India’s NIFTY500. The same sector rotation models, relative strength, momentum and Fibonacci analysis that we apply at Allstarcharts.com are now being applied to Allstarcharts India.

VP Investments, Westrock Advisors 

2004 - 2010

JC Parets Interview with BNN

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