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Jennifer Cheng

Experienced and goal-oriented Key Account sales seeking a position in project and product management. I have a never-ending drive for creative strategy and collaborating with cross-functional teams for project success. My strong abilities in communication and consolidation propels projects to reach their goals in a fast and efficient way.

Taipei, Taiwan

[email protected]


Key Account Sales, Quanta Computer Inc. (July 2019-Current)

[Program Management Role - Web Conferencing kit]
• Developed the internal project roadmap that involves consolidating conferencing hardwares developed by various brands with Quanta's major clients (tri-party project)
• Headed daily review with a new client and our manufacturing teammates to optimize and streamline the factory operations (planning, fulfillment system, logistics quality process)
• Directly overseeing this project's supply chain management: I worked closely with procurement, suppliers, and clients' global demand teams to mitigate supply shortage in the midst of COVID-19 and global chip shortages.
• Increased quarterly sales by 15% by actively holding weekly review of production forecasts with factory stakeholders and client
• Accelerated the project's expansion to more potential customers by working closely with clients' product team on quality approvals and certifications, thereby driving a 15% increase in global orders.

[Factory Migration to Thailand/Expediting Mass Production in less than Three Months]
• Spearheaded conversations with Thailand’s BOI (Board of Investments) on exploring the different incentives for transnational manufacturers for consumer electronics and consolidating our proposals for submitting official government application
• Conducted ample research for country-specific hardware readiness and communicated with several third-party compliance and logistics firms to align the scope of our business and projects with Thai local laws and regulations, thereby reducing the need for consulting fees and also driving down regulatory costs that were previously estimated by 30%
• Formalized and coordinated an overall migration plan with key internal stakeholders to complete the transition of equipment/materials driving a success mass production in less than three months
• Reduced our company's material transportation cost by 15% through setting up logistics hubs to consolidate components in China 
• Projects include smart speakers and streaming devices mass production

• Develop strategies for pricing proposals in the beginning stages of bidding for projects
• cost review with clients on a weekly basis throughout product build stages and excess material management
• Designed proposals of new business models based on clients' requests - accepted by executive management team

[Client Management]
• Restructured several of our factory's Security, Supply Chain Responsibility, Hardware Assessment and BCP audit reports by effectively incorporating clients' request and rewriting the SOPs and templates with our internal teams.
• Authored a new Business Continuity Plan for client's Executive Business Reviews to mitigate severe impacts for Covid-19

Freelancer in Translation and English Editing, Self-Employed (March 2018- May 2019) 

• Provides translation services (Chinese to English) on a regular basis (independent contractor with translation agency)

              Subjects include: health, digital trends, culture, history, education, marketing, legal documents, resume, etc.

• Editing services for university and graduate school / MBA essays and applications

• Contracted with tutorial guide publishers to write an English/Chinese TOEIC vocabulary practice book 

Brand and Marketing Communication, Decathlon Taiwan (October 2014-May 2018) 

[Marketing / Communication] 

 • Organized omni-channel marketing campaigns with cross-functional teams to boost commercial growth by 60%. 

• Proving all stores with trainings on product reviews, communication planning, and relevant digital tools with the purpose of transforming Decathlon from traditional retail stores towards a digital Omni-commerce platform (1~3 trainings a month). 

• Devised social media (Facebook and Instagram) strategies, rules and metrics for all stores, and managed weekly posts. 

[Membership Growth and Management]

• Designed initial roadmap (strategy, features, performance analysis, wireframes) for WordPress-powered blog to maintain a long-term relationship with customers and analyzed user behavior using GA metrics to improve blog performance.

• Responsible for curating the contents on Decathlon's Youtube Channel; increased subscription by 30%.

• Promoting membership benefits in physical stores and external partners; members grew from 200,000 to 1 million.

• Created and analyzed weekly direct marketing emails (Salesforce platform) to maintain relationship with members.

[External Partnerships]

• Negotiated alliance with external companies (eg. Running Biji, GQ, HappyGo) for increasing company exposure and promoting Decathlon member growth.

• Spearheading new concept adaptations, visual merchandising, innovative fixtures (created from scratch) with external suppliers when opening new stores.

• Working with advertisement agencies on the different channels and strategies to increase brand awareness.

Student Researcher / Lab Coordinator, UCLA Department of Oral Biology (2009-2011) 

• Utilized techniques from class to create and conduct molecular biology experiments supporting the Postdoc's projects

• Assisted Postdoc in devising plans and applications for lab funding from the university

• Coordinated lab audits and inventory control of lab supplies with department accountants 

Producer for Taiwanese Culture Night, UCLA Taiwanese American Union (2010-2011) 

• Devised a year-long project proposal on fundraising, budgeting, marketing and performance coordination

• Assembled a production team to initiate casting, scheduling, finances, stage management 

• Secured funding of 7,000 USD from school and over 5,000 USD from local restaurants and external Taiwanese organizations


University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Arts Degree in History, 2007-2011

• Concentration in Asian American Studies 

• Advanced courses in Science - all Biology, Physics, Chemistry / Pre-Health prerequisites completed 

• Activities: Intramural Basketball, Pre-Dental Student Outreach, Activities Coordinator for Tzu-Ching Volunteer Organization, Medical Interpreting, Clinical Volunteering, Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association, Producer for Taiwanese American Night

Skills                                                     Extracurriculars

  • Software: Microsoft Office series, Google Office series, Adobe series (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), basic in Adobe Dreamweaver (HTML), Google Analytics, Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Languages: Fluent in English and Mandarin; Proficient in Taiwanese  
  • Certificates: TOEIC 990 (Gold) 

Online Courses: Harvard's CS50 course on "Intro to Computer Sciences", Intro to Python

 • Projects: "Disrupting the Retail Experience" (for Decathlon's Innovation Project) , TOEIC English Vocabulary Book

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