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Ever found yourself frustrated at a product that you have just spent hundreds of dollars on? Clearly, you’ve done your research. Clearly, sources afer sources have confirmed that that was a good product. Then how come it still ended up in your trash bin with the label on? The problem with capitalism is that anything can be bought. You may read seemingly objective and honest product reviews online, when in fact, they are just the caricatures of what brands want you to think of them. In such a world, how can you tell a good product from a lemon?

We were plagued by the same question, and that motivated our founders to gather together and to found TheKingLive. With the aim of helping consumers like you, TheKingLive strives to give the best product reviews so that you can benefit from high-quality and commercially free evaluations of different goods on the market. We understand how difficult it is to navigate amidst the hurricane of modern consumerism. For that reason, we spend hours on end every week doing research, trying to map out the directions for you to follow. There will be different groups of consumers in the market, and we make clear our received audience in each article so as not to bombard you with information.

Who are we? 

TheKingLive is a US company headquartered in Seattle. We deliver messages through our online website, but we are also present on various platforms of social media. At TheKingLive, our target audience is the modern buyer, and we strive to give high quality, top product reviews for them. 

Our team consists of a diverse group of people coming from different backgrounds. Each of them has plenty of experience with modern consumerism. What’s more, they are buyers themselves who have had painful experiences falling prey to attractive marketing lures. Now, they are all gathered here and motivated by the common goal of helping you make more accurate and informed decisions on what to spend your money on.

Using their own understanding and experience with the field of housewares and home appliances, our writers compile easy and useful pieces of writing for those with little time to spare, while also giving thorough discussion for those who want to know more about the details of a product or brand. Using our connections with users, bloggers, experts and professionals, we try to get the whole picture about a product to convey to you. 

What do we write about?

TheKingLive is divided into five main categories: Home & Cleaning, Kitchen & Dining, Baby & Kids, and Outdoor. We try to encompass all aspects of a person’s life in our reviews so that nothing falls through the cracks. 

  • Home & Cleaning 

There is nothing more comforting than returning to a clean home. Here, anything that helps with home decor and domestic sanitation is displayed. We want to give you all the tools you need to keep yourself comfy. These include, but not limited to: vacuum cleaners, cordless drills, pressure washers, mattress toppers. With these products, we place utility, price and durability as our top three priorities. 

Besides reviewing, we also recommend useful tips on maintenance, as well as how you can make the most out of these machines. 

  • Kitchen & Dining

For some of us, the kitchen is the soul of the house. The smell of mom’s cooking, the sweet taste of her veggie soup, is something that we miss most when we’re away from home. For that reason, we pay a large amount of attention to this division to help you find out the most suitable kitchen ware for your household. 

In this section, you will find the best reviews guide on the best pressure cooker for that tender chicken breast, as well as coffee makers and coffee grinders for those coffee enthusiasts. 

  • Baby & Kids

When it comes to babies and kids, we become extra selective and vigilant. As a result, only the best products get displayed on our channel. 

In this section, you will find top reviews on a wide range of breast pumps and baby monitors. These useful accessories help tremendously for parents of little children. We understand the struggle of rearing a child, so we want to be a useful partner in your journey of becoming a parent, someone you can turn to when you need help. 

  • Outdoor

This section is for the energetic, the outdoor enthusiasts, and the nature lovers! Here, you shall find reviews on multitools, coolers, hiking boots, hiking pants, and pocket knives. These are the essential gadgets for you to have at hand in the outdoors. We consult with hiking professionals, reading their blogs and experiences, while also listening to real users’ reviews to understand what a product is really about. It’s dangerous in the jungle, although it is fun to trek through it on a sunny day, and we want to keep you safe.

Why should you trust us?

Reading up to here, you may wonder: “Sounds great, but why should I trust you?”. We believe that number talks louder than words. Hundreds of readers have read our online top reviews, and they were not disappointed. This is because we are consumers too, and we’re simply reporting our real thoughts and feelings. Some of the products we write about are actually what we bought for our own homes or have recommended to our loved ones. 

In addition, there’s nothing more accurate and convenient than talking to the people who know it best. When writing about a certain product, we reach out to the professionals in that field to hear what they have to say. They say that if you’re going to learn, learn from the best. Rather than just knowing enough about a product, we want to look into the background of it. How it is created, why it is created, how it looks comparatively with a vast majority of others who are also trying to steal market shares, and why it is worth your money. These are some of the questions we ask ourselves to give you a comprehensive look on things. 

But here’s the key: our writers are free from market pressure. They do not know - nor do they care - about our deals with businesses. Their job is to write reviews about a product, and that is it. No sugar-coating, no biases. This can pose a risk to our relationship with brands, but TheKingLive has never been about brands. As we have said from the very beginning, this page is about you. 

How do we make money 

Setting the mission to provide our readers with the biggest impact, we have received kindness in return. Every time you press “buy” from our website, we receive a stipend from an affiliate commission with our retailers. You see, our survival is your trust, and we wouldn’t do anything to sever that. 

By maximizing our presence on various social media platforms, we reach a number of consumers who read our reviews with a click. Many have put in their money, and that is what has been keeping us going. By making changes in consumers’ lives, they create changes for us in turn. 

For more information on TheKingLive, please visit our website and social media channels. Feel free to reach out to us whenever you have any comments or questions. Until then, happy shopping! Written by Jennifer Rodriquez

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