2 months of summer intern experience of financial NLP projects(2019) in ITRI. Exchange student in UIUC CS for one semester(2020/1-2020/5) and currently an graduate student NCTU CS.

       Currently being in professor Wei-Chen Chiu's lab, doing research on Computer vision, deep learning and machine learning. 


Research Assistant, Computational Intelligence Technology Center, ITRI 

Jul 2019 ~ Aug 2019 

1. Develop NLP model to do precise prediction of stock going in future from financial news.
2. Do data cleaning on Chinese financial news.

Project 1

Real Time Style Transfer On Youtube Videos

NCTU, 2018

1.Use mpi to parallel the computing work about neural style transfer. 

2.Use socket thread pool to receive processed images from different servers simultaneously and store the images in queue with right order. 

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Project 2

Music Accompaniment  Generation

NCTU, 2019

 1. Utilize the processing of images to generate accompaniment of some specific vocal signal. 

 2. Transfer music wave to spectrogram, and exploit the spectrogram as input image to apply on the CVAE structure.

 3.  Exploit vocal information as the condition in CVAE, and mixture (vocal + accompaniment) as the target in CVAE structure. 

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Technical Skills


1. C/C++    2. Python    3. Javascript     4. Verilog

Machine/Deep Learning

1. Pytorch     2. Keras     3. Scikit-learn 

Parallel Programming

1. Pthreads     2. OpenMP     3. MPI     4. OpenCL    5. CUDA

Computer Graphics & Computer Vision

1. OpenGL    2. WebGL     3. OpenCV


1. MySQL


Master,  Computer Science

National Chiao Tung University, 2020/9-

Exchange Student, Computer Science 

 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2020 / 1 - 2020/ 5

Bachelor,  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

National Chiao Tung University, 2016 / 9 - 2020/ 6

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