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Synopsis Till We Meet Again, The Story of the God of Love Matches His Beloved Woman

A Taiwanese film titled Till We Meet Again will soon be aired at CGV on January 12, 2022. Directed by director Giddens Ko, who is also a writer under the pseudonym Nine Knives. The story in Till We Meet Again is adapted from one of Nine Knives' own books, entitled God of Love. Prior to Till We Meet Again, Giddens Ko as director had also directed a number of other popular films such as You Are The Apple Of My Eye (2011) and Cafe Waiting Love (2014).

Till We Meet Again is a fantasy genre film wrapped with a touch of romantic-comedy. This film stars well-known Taiwanese actors and actresses such as Kai Ko, Gingle Wang, Vivian Sung, Umin Boya, Chen Yu, and Hou Yan Xi.

The story follows a young man named Ah-lun (Kai Ko) who is struck by lightning and eventually dies.

To save himself, Ah-lun was given two choices, namely to be reincarnated as a low-caste creature or to become an officer who will serve on Earth. Ah-lun makes a deal with the subconscious to reincarnate into a human by earning achievement points. He also befriends the Pink Lady to become the god of love for the trainees.

His job is to tie a man and a woman with red ropes and pass them on to the pollen of love. While carrying out his duties, Ah-lun also finds out about his past life before he died due to the strong deja vu he experienced. As time goes by, Ah-lun finally finds out that he has a big task, namely tying the love ropes of his beloved woman, Xiao-mi (Vivian Sung), with another man.

Can Ah-lun carry out his big task? Will Ah-lun be able to reincarnate into a human? Watch the exciting story only in the film Till We Meet Again which will air exclusively at CGV on January 12, 2022.

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