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Jeremy Corman  

Over 9 years' experience in Digital, Marketing & Sales


[email protected] +32 495 44 04 65

Liège, Belgium




I've been involved both in operational and strategic levels. This experience offers me the ability to control the full process for most of the digital projects as doer, manager or consultant.


Marketing is the backbone of my career; from company building and product design to campaign management and other communication projects.


Experienced to manage the scope whether it's in the context of a startup or a large corporation: with very tight and large resources but also on short and long term visions.

Entrepreneur/freelancer experience

Founder | Plunch.net, 2017 - Present

Plunch.net is a data aggregation solution collecting data from price comparison websites to improve the digital marketing strategy for any energy suppliers. Plunch.net helps energy suppliers to monitor, regulate and sell more by levering existing comparison websites.


Digital Strategy Architect | Mountainview Agency, 2017 - Present

Mountainview is a digital strategy agency. Our aim is to assist our customers in defining a digital role within their communication, including integrating it into their tools. In order to achieve this, we developed a unique approach combining user know-how, brand message, competitive vision and consumer experience. Our aim is to propose a relevant approach for the brand but also, and especially, for consumers.


Founder | The Digital Marketing Canvas, 2016 - Present

Inspired by the Business Model Canvas, I've built my own tool to help me sketch out new strategies. After publishing it under creative commons, the DMC has been downloaded thousands times by companies everywhere in the world.


Co-founding Mentor | The Bocal, 2012 - 2014

The main goal of the agency is to reduce the gap (brought by digital) between the workplace and the education. Marketing students run their own agency, work for real clients and learn from this experience. It's the 1st student-run agency in a higher education.  


Co-founding partner | Café Numérique, 2010 - Present

Licensed the concept in 2012, grow the community of organizers and work on the business development. Today, Café Numérique organizes tech events in Liège, Brussels, Paris, London, New York, Kinshasa, Bangalore and many other cities in the world.

I know Jeremy for years... He's a Tech/Event/Rock Star! I'm getting more and more impressed by his capacity to federate teams in hype/business events organization, reinvent things and himself and turn every occasions into solid business opportunities. But more than that, Jeremy understood before anyone that what really matters in life - both professional and private - is to live and enjoy pure experiences. He is an extraordinary Chief Energizing Officer with an amazing and constantly updated vision.Dominique Mangiatordi, 2017

Employee experience

Digital Strategist | Total, 2015 - October 2017

Digital Marketing Strategy with budget management (1M€) - Lampiris Belgium

Built an agile digital marketing team with other business units. 
+30% in sales through the digital customer journey.

Made the digital strategy pitch during Lampiris acquisition process by Total. 


Marketing & Communication Business Unit Insulation | Lampiris, 2014 - 2015

Set-up a marketing automation system (CRM + email + real time messaging).

Built an inbound marketing strategy. Built a value creation based campaign: Thermo Car www.thermo-car.be (>200€ in press coverage).


Head of Marketing | Auctelia, 2010 - 2014

Auctelia is an auction marketplace dedicated to industrial equipment. I was the 1st employee. 
Brought the platform from zero up to 500k EURO sales/week with no budget.
Managed a team of 3 agents in customer support (FR/NL/EN), 3 sales (FR/NL) and 1 marketing assistant.


Marketing Intern in Los Angeles | O2 MAX, 2010 (4 months)

Conducted market surveys, built the new website and wrote a thesis on how the company should take advantage of new medias.

Jeremy is one of the most loyal and hardworking people I have had the pleasure to work. He has a strong work ethic and a hunger to learn and grow. I have no doubt he will add value wherever he goes.Karen Jashinsky, 2010

About the Digital Marketing Canvas

Je suis particulièrement sensible à ce genre d’outil, car il représente un outil pragmatique pour stimuler les échanges et la collaboration et surtout pour éviter de se précipiter tête baissée (...). Suivre ce modèle, c’est s’assurer de ne pas céder à la tentation de dégainer un arsenal technologique pour compenser une stratégie défaillante.

Fred Cavazza, 2016


Marketing Bachelor, HELMo Campus Guillemins | 2007 - 2010