Software Team Lead, Sep. 2020 - Present

HP Inc., Taipei Taiwan
Create a testing automation system for laptop models to enable the capability of automation, remote, and scalability making the testing process more efficient and fewer failures to benefit the product's development, release, and quality cycle.
  • Lead the system team and report to the manager directly and apply scrum practices as a scrum master.
  • Implement a system among 800+ laptops and 5+ regions with task scheduling, resource management, and monitoring.
  • Utilize the techniques with NodeJs, MongoDB, OpenAPI, AMQP, Docker, AWS, and React.

Software Engineer, Apr. 2019 - Sep. 2020

Nauto Inc., Taipei Taiwan

Built a fleet management system to make driving safer, easier and more efficient with an outstanding start-up Nauto Inc. located in San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Implemented AI-powered system to recognize the driver behavior and road conditions helping improve fleet safety.
  • Developed Android APP and a generalized library processing images and IMU-sensor data with JAVA and C++.
  • Utilized Docker, Conan (C++ Package manager), JFrog (Artifactory) and FlatBuffers technologies.

Software Engineer, Mar. 2015 - Mar. 2018

Weintek Inc., Taipei Taiwan

Developed the core software of Human Machine Interface that makes connections between people and machine more intuitive and elegant.
  • Implemented 20+ reusable widgets of UI and service that visualize and handle backend PLC data.
  • Provided solutions including certified OPC-UA IoT service and database server connector to fit industry’s needs. 
  • Developed high-quality and S.O.L.I.D. products with C++ and JavaScript
  • Applied Scrum and CI/CD practices.

Web Administrator, Sep. 2011 - Jul. 2013

Office of International Affairs in Yuan Ze University., Taoyuan Taiwan

Developed the online application system that is easy and efficient to use for admission, exchange and internship.
  • Implemented the website with PHP, HTML / CSS / JavaScript and MySQL.


Main: C++ (OOP, Generic, Modern C++), NodeJS, MongoDB, React, Design Patterns, Scrum, TDD

Tools: Git, CircleCI, Jenkins, Prototyping (draw.io), Docker, Conan, JFrog, FlatBuffers, AMQP, OpenAPI, AWS


Yuan Ze University
M.S. in Department of Computer Science and Engineering 2012 - 2014
GPA: 4.00, Rank: 1/79

Yuan Ze University

B.S. in Department of Computer Science and Engineering 2007 - 2012

GPA: 3.68, Rank: 9/122


Gary Kwan, Engineering at NAUTO

Jeremy worked with me for a year in Nauto. He worked on multiple parts of our native edge AI platform, from infrastructure, tackling hard to find bugs, and implementing new features. On the last feature we worked on, he took a vaguely specified feature, and came up with a design that was flexible, intuitive, and easily extensible for future needs. Then he implemented it flawlessly.

Jeremy is smart, skilled, dependable and responsive. I highly recommend Jeremy, and would love the opportunity to work with him again.

Ravi Hastantram, Software Development Manager at Amazon

Jeremy was one of the early hires for Taiwan team. He was quickly able to ramp up on key components in the project. He has good understanding of multi-threading in C++11 and was quickly able to contribute to Sensor manager. He has also contributed to continuous project & build improvements to improve dev and release workflows. He was always very flexible and curious to learn to new technologies.

He would be a good asset to any software team.

Personal Site Projects 

MataPath, MataShift, MataShot (Dec. 2015 - Mar. 2017)

Automatic robots and game solvers for Tower of Saviors, Chronos Gate, and OneiricTales in rooted Android.

  • Developed with C++, OpenCV, Android, Bootstrap   

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Pokemon Go Runner (Jul. 2016 – Sep. 2016)

Provide a helper with various functions such as GPS Joystick, Map navigator, IV calculator, and Pokemon radar for Pokemon Go in rooted Android.

  • Developed with Android, Xposed Framework 

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Web Developments (Jun. 2018 - Aug. 2018)

Several website projects that I built as a freelancer are developed by using WordPress. 

  • Developed with WordPress, PHP

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Best Employee of the Year Award 2018 

Bronze, Taiwan Open Source Software Design of College Students 2012
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