Jessie lin (林惠青)

• With 3+ years of experience in UI/UX design and user research, I am capable of developing innovative ideas that meet user needs and project requirements. Understanding how to put ideas into practice and the design process.
• With 7+ years of experience in Brand Design / Visual Identity / Web Design

Ability to quickly adapt to the new environment, new ideas, new requirements.
Strong communication skills to collaborate with stakeholders.
A self-starter (Excellent planning skills and time-management skills to deliver tasks on-time with high quality).

  Taipei, Taiwan   Design Portfolio

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Work Experience

Senior UI Designer  •  O2 Gether Digital Technology Co., Ltd 

1. Re-adjust the official website and UI visual design in a short time and coordinate with the front-end across units. To facilitate work progress.
2. Establish a team to fill up the establishment in a short time
3. Completed within the term:
*External proposal briefing, DM
*Backstage UI design
*15 templates
*The official website for employer

After planning and communication, make a visual layout and collaborate with front-end engineers and backend developers to develop together to master the overall progress of the design team; combine user experience to optimize and improve the design process to complete the high-quality design.

Apr 2019 - Mar 2020


Complete the PC and mobile version revision of the entertainment city within one month. During the revision period, it is still necessary to maintain the production of regular event webpages and all external agency events.

• Independently carry out the overall website design revision, mobile terminal, APP revision, all event pages, and external advertising of the entertainment city
• Complete more than 100 projects

Aug 2017 - Aug 2018

Senior Web Designer  •  IOEXnetwork

Cooperate with the company's project of website construction and webpage planning; exhibition poster and DM production.

Cooperate with related personnel such as products and front-end engineers to execute large-scale projects.
· App UI design revision.

Apr 2016 - Jul 2017


An e-commerce platform located in Makati, Philippines.
• Website operation activity plan, revision, participation in shopping center planning and production, website SEO, keyword set.
• Planning, design, and production of event pages and shopping mall websites

Manage 8 Filipino employees and complete daily tasks.

Aug 2015 - Dec 2015

Senior Web Designer  •  SoftPower Inc.

The company cooperates with the golf channel and is responsible for building the front and back CMS system of the golf website. I was the company's first art designer at that time, and the others were all back-end engineers, and the company required the front-end layout and backend UI to be completed in a short time. At this time, how to make the two sides cooperate more effectively is an extremely important matter. Use mockup to communicate and achieve good interaction to reduce the gap between each other. Finally reached the perfect task.

• Golf channel version production
• Attraction Suite travel website layout production
• Backstage CMS system UI

Apr 2010 - Jul 2012

Web Designer  •  Iwanzi Digital Technology Co., Ltd

• Responsible for the production of marketing activities on the official website.
• online game marketing activities.

Apr 2009 - Mar 2010

Senior Web Designer  •  The Best Inc.

BIO BEAUTY's e-commerce website marketing. From the very beginning, the three small studios have been cooperating closely with the planning and jointly executing large-scale shopping mall marketing projects.
Responsible for official website activity page, banner production, official website revision, new product launch, and website update
•New products every month and make external advertisements.
• Website marketing festivals
• Participate in e-commerce website planning and production, website SEO, keyword set.

Apr 2006 - Sep 2008


Update and maintain event pages, banner production, and official website.
In addition to independently maintaining the official website of Beauty Shop, the company owner also launched his own personal brand "Princess J"
Branding, events, and advertisements are all independently produced. It was a very special experience for me.

Feb 2002 - Feb 二月 2005


1997 - 1999

Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School

Advertising Design


  Ability to Work in a Team  / Communication Skills    Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator   HTML / CSS 

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