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Jetta Bates Vasilatos

Media Contributor

Travel, Lifestyle, Entertainment + Business 

Multiplatform storyteller, speaker, on-air contributor and “curator of cool.” Inspires busy high achievers to try something different and explore life beyond work by sharing compelling travel and lifestyle experiences and thrilling stories of risk takers who boldly go after their dreams.

New York • Chicago
[email protected]



Columbia College, Chicago, IL • Bachelor of Arts, Marketing with concentration in Public Relations and Journalism (2002)


Travel + More

  • Visited more than 60 countries
  • Been kissed on the cheek by a giraffe and Tom Cruise (but not at the same time)
  • Enjoys scuba diving; first dive was in the Maldives 
  • Expert in: experiential travel and lifestyle for leaders, brand marketing and social good
  • Profiles: risk takers and industry disruptors in hospitality and consumer products
  • Favorite interviews include: Dr. Maya Angelou; Robert Downey Jr.; George Lucas; Snoop Dogg; Idris Elba; Jill Scott

Speaking + Honors

  • Named top travel influencer for brands to partner with by the Huffington Post
  • Recipient of the Windy City Women Trailblazer Award and 50 Women of Power in Business, U.S. Department of Commerce 
  • Presenter at SXSW; Social Media Week, Chicago; Advertising Week, New York; Northwestern University; US Department of Homeland Security


  • Creative writer, photographer and on-air personality  
  • Social media content production and engagement 
  • Fact-checking and annotation 
  • 15 years of award-winning experience in brand marketing, travel/lifestyle and social good
  •  Enjoys breaking the ice and making connections with people from other cultures 
  • Strategic, futuristic, big picture thinker; open to possibilities


2015 - Present

Cast member of NBCUniversal/BravoTV’s global, luxury travel show "Tour Group"Media contributor for, NBCUniversal and Choose Chicago (Chicago's tourism blog). Featured travel/lifestyle, branding and social good expert for V103, WGN-AM, WCIU-TV and more.

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2009 - Present

Media contributor covering travel, lifestyle and business for ESSENCE, Recommend, Body & More, Yahoo! and other publications.

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2012 - 2015

Host and producer of the weekly travel and lifestyle show "Jettasetting with Jetta Bates” on WVON-AM (an iHeartRadio station).

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2011 - 2014

Online correspondent covering small business, lifestyle and tourism for Inc. Well, NBC5's business blog.

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2009 - 2011

On-air host and co-producer of the lifestyle and travel segment "Luxonomics with Jetta Bates" on WCIU-TV's "You & Me This Morning." 

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"Jetta is a fine writer whose words are infused with flare. Not only is Jetta great writer, but she is a bright, bubbly TV host with a fun-loving voice."

Tanisha Sykes, Writer. Editor. Multimedia Content Strategist • written while Senior Editor of Personal Finance & Careers, Essence Magazine

"Jetta has been a fresh and capable contributor, applying her inimitable style and expertise to the topics of small business and lifestyle. We’re pleased to count her among our contributors. I’m a fan.”

Andrew, Section Editor at CNNMoney • written while Editorial Director, Digital, NBCUniversal

"...easy to work with, professional, personable, refreshingly candid, and event attendees enjoyed her fun yet informative insights into the business of lifestyle. Her ability to captivate an audience is extraordinary!"

Edward Lewis, Supervisory Immigration Officer, US Department of Homeland Security

"With each travel piece that she's written for us, Jetta has given our readers AN EXPERIENCE! She approaches each trip with an eye for the offbeat. Her professionalism ensures that there is never a concern about deadlines or delivery of a stellar product. She is a gem.”

Terry Glover, written while Managing Editor, Ebony Magazine
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Jetta Bates Vasilatos

As managing director of Twist Global, a profound sense of breathless possibility undergirds Jetta Bates Vasilatos’ approach to life, love and business. Jetta masterfully curates the best ideas and trends, marrying them with strategically astute branding, marketing and influencer relations campaigns that take businesses and individuals from good to great. Jetta has brought her talents to a broad range of national and international business initiatives from fashion and film to retail, tourism and nonprofits. Past clients include Nielsen, BP, The Embassy of France, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Adidas, Daewoo (Korea) and Auchentoshan, the high-end whisky distillery.

When Jetta isn’t tending to the bottom line, she is shaping her lifestyle channel Jettasetting. Star of BravoTV’s “Tour Group,” Jetta is a TV and radio correspondent featuring travel, lifestyle and personal branding topics and, as an avid “curator or cool,” has experienced almost 60 countries.

She also regularly shares her trendsetting expertise in magazines, including Essence and Recommend.

Jetta co-authored “The Entrepreneur Within” and has been a featured speaker at SXSW, Northwestern University, Social Media Week Chicago and Advertising Week, New York. The Columbia College Chicago graduate, named one of the “top influencers brands should partner with in 2018” by The Huffington Post, can be found sharing biz advice and unique shopping, travel, dining and entertainment experiences to enjoy on Instagram and Twitter @jettasetting.

VP Experiential Marketing; VP Public Affairs; On-air Contributor; Multiplatform Content Developer; Director of Innovation
New York, US
[email protected]

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