Stephen Hsu

Experienced Senior Test Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. 

Utilize the different product characteristics building up the Test Plan/ test cases or teammate training material. Skilled in computer peripheral devices/ storage/ network/ embedded OS, Bash, Python, Develop the testing Automation. 

Evaluation methodologies for Wi-Fi devices and root cause failure analysis. 

Senior Testing Engineer
[email protected]


Concordia University, , Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), 2014 ~ 2015

Minghsin University of Science and Technology, Bachelor, Electronic Engineering, 2002 ~ 2005.1


EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) 

Issue Date: May, 2021

Credential ID: ECC7196420538

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

Issue Date: Oct, 2008

Credential ID: 805008773934899

Level B technician for digital electronics

Issuing organization:
Central Region Office, Council of Labor Affairs (R.O.C)
Issue Date: Jan, 2000
 Credential ID: 805008773934899

Accredited Management Consultant (AMC), 

Issuing organization: 
GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management ® - ISO 29990 Certified International Board of Standards
Credential URL:

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), 

Issue Date: June, 2008
Credential ID: 605008871619342


Allion LABs, Senior Testing Engineer, Mar 2016 ~ Dec 2021

* Build up the BLE data scrubbing test tools between the Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility hardware equipment from/ into the abnormal devices using python language.
* Improve the Vendor Server Fan real-time monitoring dashboard testing suite using C# language to retrieve the signal from customized hardware with firmware fixture. 
* Build up the BBF TR 398 testing suite includes Attenuator/ turntable/ Wi-Fi 6 AX AP/ STA control in self-study environment.
* Build up the Wi-Fi 6 (AX) Mesh testing scripts and data collection auto tool in Octoscope Octobox testing suite.
* Design proactive Network Monitoring solution from end-user’s perspective for Wi-Fi and BT beacon device.
* Contributes to sales engineering effectiveness by identifying short-term and long-range issues and recommending courses of action.

* Reverse engineered software to facilitate documentation.
* Conducted engineering and detailed experimental tests to collect design data and assist in research work.
* Extensively trained new and existing colleagues for Linux common technology and script language (e.g. bash/ python)
* Mentored junior engineers and new hires to better improve the competency and efficiency of all staff.

* Using the autotest/ Selenium/ Appium/ SikuliX framework developing the automated tools based on Test-Driven Development process for android based or embedded OS devices includes Android Tablet PC/ Android based TV/ Google Jamboad/ Google Chromebook/ V2X OBU (Vehicle-for everything, Onboard Unit)/ Wi-Fi AP. 

* Using the Linux autotest framework for chromium OS and self-study shell scripting developing the touch screen/ storage I/O and battery life benchmark testing tools. 

* Making the auto-click electronic circuit by Arduino developing the Amazon android based TV's BLE remote controller. 

* Making the Current level detection by Arduino developing the android based TV's speaker testing fixture. 

* Ensure the problem report following the testing goal. 

* Develop the Alexa audio auto test tool that it can play the specific pattern sound file and then retrieve the android log to verify.

* Build up the RvR self-study testing environment for Android based OS/ chromebook or Wi-Fi AP test. 

* Automated the test cases handling the SW+HW test activities using shell scripting or python languages such as control the hardware fixture, specific equipment (e.g R&S CMW500/ Anritsu MT8852B/ E3633A) via GPIB/ RS232/ TCP protocol.

* Assist the Google Android Team building up the Enterprise Wireless Testing Environment (on site support).

* Test planning and perform the android app test cases for manual test and auto-test.

* Assist the internal testing lab to facilitate the testing scenarios or testing environment.

Allion LABs, Supervisor, Jan 2015 ~ Mar 2016

* Modified and improved existing automation tools and process automation to ensure up-to-date technology and techniques are implemented.
* Cooperative education with Computer Science and Information Engineering of TTU to develop the clouding system benchmark.
* Manage the automated tools project using Scrum mindset.
* Performed data analysis and provide recommendations to achieve Created alternative business plans to improve customer relationships.
* Coordinated ongoing technical training and personal development classes for staff members.
* Coordinated technical development, scheduling and problem solving for engineering design and test problems.

Allion LABs, Validation Engineer, Oct 2006 ~ Dec 2014

* Following the JEDEC specification to develop the Storage based devices testing plan and test cases includes PCIe/ NVMe/ SAS/ SATA/ RAID protocol devices and using FIO, iometer  measure tools to organize the test cases or create the specific automation tools. 

* Perform the embedded based devices and advanced system testing include SW+FW+HW controlled following the internal methodologies.

* Coordinated with development of test scope and establish integration & verification scope
* Develop test plans/ prepared test configuration and perform testing for Enterprise Storage based devices.
* Create the system test plan and methodologies to fit the project milestones or customer requirement.
* Bug analyzes and debug/ test and verify the solution/ generate test reports.
* Perform the compatibility/ functionality/ reliability/ performance testing includes System/ Networking / peripheral devices includes Linux embedded OS devices/ systems or computer  peripherals devices.

* Create the USB HID Devices testing proposal includes (wired/ wireless/ Bluetooth) keyboard/ mice and pointer for compatibility/ functionality/ interference test.

* Design and develop test method/environment and review and provide feedback for product requirements and customer documentation.
* Using the scrum mindset developing automation tool
* Wrote and maintained custom scripts or language to increase system efficiency and performance time. (e.g bash/ Python/ R/ VBA/ C# ... or any scripting languages)

* Using Lecroy CATC USB protocol analyzer retrieving the USB packet from Host/ Device and then analysis the packet content. 

* Retrieve the USB device info from kernel debug (prink) or USB subsystem in embedded OS or Linux based OS.

 * Build up the networking testing script under the  Linux based OS or embedded OS utilizing the traffic test tools includes IxChariot/ Iperf or python scapy module.

Honor & Award & Courses

* EC-Council Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures Course (Systex Corporation)

* TWCSA - RAT red teaming advanced Training.

# 2020 InfoSec Taiwan workshop speaker (subject: How to use MITRE ATT&CK framework for purple teaming and adversary emulation)

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