Chien-Yeh,Lee (James Lee)

Got the first full time job when I was in 2nd year of college; Till now, over 10 years sales experience.
uring the past 4 years, I focused on OEM/ODM/EMS projects、Gaming headset OEM project、IOT solution and , handled worldwide customers covering North American, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan markets.

2 years working holiday in Australia; 

I am an outgoing person and like to make friends; My ability to communicate and coordinate makes my works with  customers or across function team more smoothly; My patience and curiosity about new affairs also make me get into the new company very soon, so I believe If I have the opportunity to work for you in the future, with my experience, with my personality, I can make some contributions for you very soon.

I'm here and I'm ready

Sales and Marketing specialist
New Taipei city,Taiwan
[email protected]



Taking a trip with my family on weekend or traveling abroad once a year to experience different cultures; 
Listening to music in peace and quiet time; 
Watching and cheering baseball game to relieve the pressure of life. 

I have strong business traits; I work hard and actively, have strong learning ability, strong resistance to stress, and also I am an optimism person; The most important is that I am the one who makes my friends around laugh as always.


Working holiday, 2012 ~ 2014


TamKang university, (BA), English major, 2006 ~ 2010


Yilan Senior high schools, 2010 ~ 2011



Elitegroup, IOT Sales and Marketing specialist, Mar 2016 ~ Nov 2019

1. IOT sales account manager
-Focus on worldwide customer includes Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia China for OEM/ODM/RFQ/RFI/EMS projects
-Focus on smart home/smart building/smart elderly care/PV inverter monitoring solution
-Intel ICLP project, main customers: NA- Arrow, China- Super Aidong, Canada-Imgrammicro
-Razer/ASUS gaming headset OEM project
-Dell touch PC control boards OEM project
BOM checking/Quotation/Business model discussion/Material readiness/product follow up/shipment arrangement/AR
RMA services

2. Customers visiting and relationship maintenance(LA/Malaysia/Indonesia/Singapore/Taiwan)

3. Participation and Organizing in CES, Computex, Smart city, Intel events expo, aggregators
events, Indonesia Government forum

4. Business development for global market


Connection Technology systems, Sales Account manager, Jul 2014 ~ Feb 2016

1. Promoting company branding networking devices- Fiber switch、Media converter、gateways
2. Account manager for EU/Taiwan market (BOM/Quotation, material readiness, Production/logistic follow up/Shipment arrangement/AR/RMA)
3. Quarterly customers visiting and relationship maintenance(China, Taiwan)
4. Computex participation and organization


Li-Fung, Merchandiser clerk, Jul 2008 ~ May 2012

1. Branding Garment agency (Tommy, FILA, ROOTS)
2. Sales assistants (Cost and Quotation coordination, Samples/Shipment logistic arrangement)
2. Selling report(weekly/monthly/yearly) coordination, project information control table
3. Assignment from management (meeting arrangement/meeting minutes recording/inventory management)


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(OEM)Gaming Headset Project

Account manager for Tatung- To response to the BU's risk diversification strategy, I successfully won the Non-IOT project ASUS/Razer gaming headset OEM project;In the case of insufficient human resources in the department, my management saw my careful personality and communication and coordination ability and assign me as a project leader. This was a all-new business mode for ECS IOT BU, so during that period, I coordinated with MIS, fulfillment team for the system adjustment for efficient work and drove all relevant supporting team From the BOM checking, quotation, forecast order delivering schedule, went to the china factory to supervise the pilot run production and shipment. Total about ten models and hundreds of thousands sets, occupied nearly 50% of the BU's total revenue.

(ODM)Smart elderly care solution (Government bids)

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Through the Eco-system(Intel, ISV ConnectedLife, ECS), ECS intelligent gateway connects to smart edge devices(motion, water-leak, door sensor) and also to a nearby medical center to achieve a solution that young people can take care of the elderly remotely without being around. this is a Singapore government bid, I went to Singapore several times a year and discuss with INTEL IOTG, ISV for the customer demand; in order to win the project and meet customers target price, I need to drive all relevant function/support team with low gross margin, finally we reached out the goal - We got the order in the end of 2018 and MP in 2019. Q2 Total about 2 thousands sets gateway and sensors, and this case has also been successfully duplicated in other markets: Japan-Fujitsu, Shanghai 親河園.

  (ODM)PV inventer monitoring system

Projects 01 00@2xAccount manager for Tatung- ECS IOT intelligent gateway with RS-485 connects to the PV inventor to achieve the predictive maintenance and power generator capacity monitoring. Sales will be responsible for customer inquiry discussion, quotations, delivering schedule, going to the china factory to supervise the pilot run production and shipment shipments and AR. A total of more than 500 fields and more than 1000 sets gateways were shipped to Taiwan and off-islands. 
 This is an Iconic solution for IOT.

(ODM)Tatung Manor building

Smart building solution, ECS IOT gateway connects to and smart sensors and home appliances to to achieve the effects of home automation, energy saving and security. this is the 1st phase of Tatung 100 years significant residential building , ECS was responsible for 4 devices(IOT gateway, Indoor and outdoor phone). This case is also the first project that ECS cooperated with Tatung, as a sales and project leader, should have capability to coordinate and face various unreasonable requirement. After more than two years of hard work, we reached the goal and all shipments were finally shipped in early 2019. The first phase has a total of 550 households with a turnover of more than 50 million Taiwan dollars. In the middle of this process, with my ability to coordinate and adjust pressure, I not only admired by the internal top management, but also impressed and appreciated by customers.

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Smart warehouse management, ECS IOT gateways connected to the tags to achieve the automatically warehouse management and to save labor and time consumption and increase work efficiency. I am responsible for the major customers including Imgrammicro (Canada), AiDong super (Beijing), and Arrow (Europe) engaged by Intel. for the customization, I need the ability to communicate and coordinate internal resources to satisfy customers.

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I'm Here 


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