Wang jie (王傑)

2 years of experience in Angular. 1 year in Java Spring. Have some experience of designing complex functions in Java.
Also familiar with .NET Core (1 year), Cordova (1 year), Android app, and NodeJS Express, React, Vue, Svelte with some project experience.

In team work, help to managing the quality of the code, maintain the coding style, and guide others in programming.

Like to learn new technologies in my free time. Have some behavior and think that is different to other people or think out of the box.

  Taipei City, Taiwan   


Front end

    Angular      React      Vue   Svelte     Android   Cordova

Back end

    Express      Spring Boot   .NET Core


   Vim ESP8266


Front-end/Back-end engineer

CBX Software

Nov. 2018 - Dec. 2020
Taipei, Taiwan

Positioned in the Angular front-end team when I joined the company, transferred to Java Spring back-end team for 1 year according to manpower needs.

  • Angular
    • Media gallery - a viewer that can show pictures, videos and 3D models(use Three.js).
    • A JSON based form define system, that can dynamically render a form or data view with JSON as its definition.
  • Java Spring
    • Dynamic Rule system, control a form field R/W and actions according to user, group, domain.
    • A highly customizable data mapping processor, that can dynamically map data according to conditions, permissions or expressions entered by end user.
    • Parse logical search criteria string to ES/SQL data query.
  • Assist the Cordova app team.
  • Often initiative review code from MR/PR.
  • Share knowledge in weekly meetings.
  • Flexible transfer front-end/back-end/mobile app positions, get started with Java Spring within a week, then start to help the back-end team.


Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

July 2016 - Oct 2018
Taipei, Taiwan

No team collaborate in IT department of this hospital. Developers have to handle most parts of the project alone.

  • Develop hospital entrance app with .NET WebApi + Cordova/Ionic.
  • Use .NET Core + Android + Angular to develop the electronic signature app and its management website.
  • Use .NET WebForm to develop an employee meal ordering website, and an Android app for delivery personnel to check orders and distribute meals.
  • Set up Jenkins and ELK server.



A website that I use to practise MERN stack.

  • Crete users, add its information about education, experience and professional skills, etc.
  • Post a post, post comments and post likes.


A news site that uses Google News as a source and provides some custom features for it.

Develop this for my pain points when reading news on mobile phones. Adding some feature to filter news by term, source, of whether is a YouTube news

Online Boshiamy IME    

A more shortcuts, convenient online Boshiamy Chinese input method compared to the official provided one.

The char/word selection interface is inspired by the UI on macOS. Added a lot of shortcuts and actions to it.
It can also export all settings to url. Users can use some url shortener service to use it on different computers at any time.

Udemy seeks   Svelte

Add a seek to next caption, time bookmark and other time-seek related features to Udemy course page.