劉映馳 Jimmy Liu 

      [email protected]



Tunghia University (東海大學\經濟系) Economic Bachelor of Art   2015-2019

 Work Experience

Editor ,-Oifly (online teaching) ,Sept 2020

-Spanish materials making(power point)

-Improve 6 time  efficiency (by myself)

-Finish cases independently and remotely

Tasty 西堤, Waiter, Jul 2018 ~ Oct 2018

The restaurant's wonderful consumer recovery has impressed me. The manager always be thoughtful to customers' feeling. Realizing how important marketing work practically 



Hands Together Undertaker , Sep2018 ~ Dec 2018

-Working on marketing, administration and activity designs.

-Recruit over 30 international students in  two month.

-team leading 



International Buddy Program, Sep 2017 ~ Jun 2019

Assisting international students adapt their lives in Taiwan,
organizing and holding field trip each semester for exchange students

Global Touch Camp Leader, Jan 2016 ~ Jan 2016

A international camp that we apply some strategies to marketing our camp



Pop Dancing Club , Sep 2015 ~ Sep 2017

proactively participate extracurricular


National Taichung Theater, National Taichung Theatre – ‘Water Purify, Aug 2016 ~ Aug 2016

Public opening performance for National Taichung Theater, I was enthusi

astic engaging in and volunteering myself in public activity


Member of Basketball Team , Sep 2015 ~ Jun 2016

Enhancing my collaboration as a team player


Cheer-leading Squad , Sep 2015 ~ Dec 2015

A cheer leading Squad in my department and we won the fifth price in the final competition



Mandarin: Fluent (native  speaker)

English : Fluent (ILETS:6)

International Experience

Global-Touch camp

( team leader)  

organised daily schedule for the camp and try my best to left a wonderful impression .

International Buddy Program 

A group which is sponsored by Office of International Affairs, assisted international students to adapt to life in Taiwan, organised and held trip each semester for exchange students.

Hands-together project(undertaker)

worked on marketing, administration and activity design and  involved over thirty international and ninety Taiwanese students.


A good team player 

Participating in many groups as a member,a leader and a organizer. I can consider both perspective at the same time. Therefore I am able to fit ny kind of team easily.

International Perspective 

Since I have plenty of international experiences and understanding in my university. These experiences allow me to smoothly communicate with international clients and 

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Skill: Photography 

Cultivating shooting skills and learn with  the mature shooter.


My name is Jimmy. I hold a bachelor’s degree with a major in Economics which was awarded to me by Tunghia University in Taichung in 2019. Besides my major, I have also taken plenty courses related to international understanding and leadership like Intercultural Communication, Problem solving and Decision Making, which have honed myself for international perspectives in the field of economics and business. I was enlisted as a leader by the professor in the class ''Problem solving and Decision Making''.Then,I organized an international culture activity called Hands Together.It was an activity whereby,Tunghai University cooperated with a local high school.It included over 30 international students and 90 Taiwanese students. I grew a lot from this experience because I chiefly handled everything in person. My job was primarily recruiting international students to take part in this activity including marketing,administrative affairs,team leading,and activity designing. From marketing and recruiting to administration and register, I experienced how a sufficient preparation demanded for a successful activity, and engaging in most part of activity. I was impressed by how much abilities and tasks required to a superb leader. The experience had shaped and enhanced my resilience to face the challenge. Moreover, I was not only active in the university but a participant in an International buddy program as an extracurricular activity. This experience brought me into contact with international societies and improving my social skills when interacting and communicating with international students. Also I gain the ability to cooperate with people, internationally. Although I am a beginner in this field, I am qualified for this position according to the requirements which were described in your advertisement. First, I have ample knowledge and experience to support this position. Second, I have good command of English, because a driven will to study abroad had lead me to get 6 in ILETS overall. Third, I have good teamwork spirit and communication skills due to my extracurricular experience. These three facts provide the evidence that I have a quite adequate ability to work in the international company. I contend that I am ready for this position. Along with these experiences, I keen to develop myself keeping pace with the ever-changing era in my profession.

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